Do You Have the Professional Blogger Mindset?


Someone asked me to edit an answer of mine on Quora a few moments ago before publishing the post on a Quora Space. Since I think like, act like, and yes since I am a professional blogger, I do not have the time and energy to publish free content by spiffing it up quite a bit. I only do that for a blog post like this, where I drive traffic and profits steadily through a self-hosted, platform. Do you have the professional blogger mindset? Or do you spend way too much time and energy creating content on free platforms where you help people predominantly for free?

Sure I drive some traffic and profits through Quora but the site is free. I do not own the content there. So I will not give significant attention and energy to formatting posts over there, editing posts over there and doing stuff over there in general. Since I do not own the platform I do not give too much attention and energy to answering questions on Quora. However, I give most of my attention and energy to publishing posts on my blog and by publishing guest posts. Why? I own my blog. My blogging buddies own the blogs where I guest post. Since we own this online real estate we call the shots. We also brand ourselves effectively and monetize ourselves effectively through our owned platforms. Professional bloggers spend most time and energy creating content and building friendships on sites owned by themselves and by their friends. This is just smart business blogging.

But you need to think, feel and act like a pro to genuinely have the professional blogger mindset. For example, the split-second the kindly Quora user asked me to format and edit the post, I knew I would never do it so I told him to please delete the post. I have no time to edit and format posts on free sites because professionals give time to editing and formatting posts on their own blogs and on the blogs of their buddies through guest posts. Why do I think like a professional blogger? I developed this habit well before I became a pro by visualizing my dreams in vivid detail. This is the difference maker. This is how to think, feel and act like a pro well before you become a professional blogger. Visualizing your dreams builds your posture. You simply give your attention and energy to acting like a professional blogger so you don’t waste your time acting like an amateur blogger.

I understand how every pro adopts a different strategy but virtually every single pro I know spends most time and energy publishing content on their blogs and on other self-hosted blogs run by their blogging buddies. This is how you move higher in blogging circles. This is also how you drive more traffic and make more money through your online real estate. Think, feel and act like a professional blogger to develop the pro blogger mindset. But make sure you put this mindset into action by working like a professional. Create helpful content and build meaningful connections by generously serving people through your blog and through guest posts.

If you need an energetic boost, anchoring yourself in thinking like a professional blogger, build your vision. For me, that means seeing myself blogging on the beaches of Fiji, Bali, and Costa Rica among other tropical hot spots. Sure I have visited these places already but plan to visit again in the future.

Seeing yourself relaxing on the beach with your phone and laptop – sipping a coconut shake in the tropics – helps you be the professional blogger who lives that life well before you actually experience the life. Versus wasting many hours on Quora trying to create the most eye popping, sensational content, you will think like a pro and create that content on your blog because you own your blog. Pros always think ownership. Plus, you will have the posture to turn down opportunities that do not vibe with your professional vision. You won’t waste time trying to do things that don’t take you steps closer to being a professional blogger.

The ultimate challenge is to spend more time going within to see your vision in vivid detail. You and I sometimes get caught up in trying to work hard without having a vision. Bad idea. Working hard comes from energies of fear and force. Force negates, making your job harder. But if you visualize your dreams you will slowly but steadily adopt a professional blogger mindset beneficial to you and your readers. Spend time each morning seeing your dreams in detail. How do you want to live your life through blogging? Taste and touch the mental picture to allow it to come alive in your mind. Maintain this Vibe throughout the day by revisiting for vision often. Guaranteed, you will begin thinking, feeling and acting like a professional blogger well before you go pro because you will have energized yourself to be that person now.

Being that person now involves making fun, freeing and sometimes uncomfortable decisions as you step toward your dreams. Charge higher prices. Raise your rates. Promote yourself freely.

As companion reading to this blog post, buy my successful blogging mindset eBook. Great read to help you think, feel and act like a successful, professional blogger. See what I just did? I promoted myself effortlessly. I promoted my eBook effortlessly. Professional bloggers do that type of stuff easily. But if you feel highly uncomfortable promoting yourself and your eBooks, you have some fear clearing to do before you think, feel and act like a professional blogger.

Feel those fears. Release those fears. create a vision of your dream life. The vision pulls you to do fun but uncomfortable things that allow you to become a professional blogger. Simple as that. Although at times, this process is highly uncomfortable. Living your dreams by thinking, feeling and acting like a pro is well worth a few uncomfortable moments.

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