3 Tips for Blogging Successfully on a Budget


As I promote my eBook for making money online when you’re broke, I think about the simplest ways to blog on a budget. Most new bloggers blog on a budget for any number of reasons. Do not let this restrict you. You can succeed online even if you only have a small budget to work with. But you need to make some decisions in order to succeed online with small pockets.

Before we proceed, I blogged on a budget to become an island hopping, pro blogger. Watch this video where I explain why I retired to paradise and for some traveling inspiration:

Start by remembering why you blog. Visualize your most fun, freeing dream life. See this image in vivid detail. Energize yourself to do the right things with the right energy in order to succeed online. No one needs to struggle because they don’t have much money to invest in their blogging campaign. But making the right decisions to follow the tips below diligently is imperative if you want to blog successfully on a budget.

Before we dive in, buy your domain and hosting and begin blogging on wordpress.org. This is a non-negotiable for more reasons than I care to share in this blog post. Just do it. Avoid years of struggle, failure and quitting again and again.

1: Be Generous

If you cannot invest money to expand your reach far and wide, invest your attention and energy to increase your skills, exposure and credibility. Be generous. Help people for free through a range of online channels. Begin by publishing posts to your blog. Solve reader problems. Be generous in publishing a 600 to 1000 word blog post or longer quite regularly to help people, to expand your reach, and to establish rock-solid credibility. Be generous by promoting other bloggers on your blog and through social media. Make friends. Blogging buddies promote you in return. Increased traffic and money finds you as your blogging buddy network grows.

Remember that there is no such thing as something for nothing. Every blogger needs to pay either in money, or in work, to succeed online. Blogging on a budget requires you to pay with your attention and energy. While other bloggers may invest money in high-end paid marketing campaigns, you will invest many hours helping people for free to see the same results. Plus, you gain stronger credibility because all of the practicing you do polishes your skills and increases your exposure organically, both key factors in becoming an authority in your blogging niche.

2: Befriend Influential Bloggers

Befriend top bloggers in your niche by promoting them, endorsing them, buying their stuff and by hiring them too. Help these pros. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. These pros begin to trust you because you help them without looking for anything in return. Influential blogging buddies teach you how to succeed online, empower you, inspire you, show you what you’re doing wrong, and expand your reach by promoting you on their blogs.

I know of no other way to get fabulous free advertising then by befriending top bloggers through your generosity. This process is pretty simple and it’s a must do if you want to blog successfully on a budget because top pros do what money cannot do. Pros can help you gain credibility relatively quickly but of course, you need to put in the time to develop the skills and exposure to catch their eye. Never mind the generosity you must show them without asking for anything in return.

Mentioning bloggers on your blog and tagging these folks is a simple way to pop up on their radar screen. Do this regularly. Get connected by helping influential bloggers. Expect nothing in return. Promote these folks on Twitter. Share their posts on Facebook. This is all quite simple and really easy too. What effort does it take to tap a button? Right?

Keep helping these big dogs to befriend these pros. Eventually, as a growing number of influential bloggers promote you and help you out, you will increase your traffic and profits for free, without spending a dime on advertising. But you need to put in the legwork generously to make inroads with these pros. Move up in blogging circles by being generous with top bloggers in your niche. Blog successfully on a budget by befriending the blogging big dogs of the world.

3: Focus on the Process Not Outcomes

Aha! I see this as the biggest blogging challenge for budget focused bloggers. Usually, bloggers on a budget find themselves in this blogging boat because they fear losing money or spending money. But that fear often worms deeper into their being. These folks usually obsess over outcomes like traffic or profits. Why? Fear driven bloggers simply attach obsessively to blogging outcomes because they fear loss, failure and poverty. But your job is to focus on the process of generously helping people because this will promote your blogging success without a hefty budget in your cyber pocket.

Cut down on checking your metrics. Focus on helping people all blogging day long. Devote virtually all of your attention and energy to the process of creating content and building connections to assist humanity. Catch yourself anytime you focus on outcomes. If anything, scan your metrics once weekly or once monthly via a passing glance. But the numbers do not make you successful. Generously serving human beings makes you successful so get lost in that process and you will be able to succeed online without investing much money at all.


Generously help people. Create content through your blog and toss in some videos and podcasts too for good measure to increase your reach online and to accelerate your success.

Connect with influential bloggers in your niche by helping them out and asking for nothing in return. Help, then get out of the way. Earn their trust by expecting nothing in return. These folks will take you to heights that you could never reach solo and the best part is, it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Get lost in the blogging process and spend little attention and energy focusing on metrics or stats. Profit online by giving all of your attention and energy to the process that leads to profits, not to the outcomes resulting from following the process.

Follow these three steps to blog successfully on a tight budget.

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