Do You Ask the Right Beginner Blogger Questions?


Asking the right questions as a beginner blogger gives you great clarity and confidence on this new journey. But few bloggers ask the proper questions when they begin their gig. I know. I asked the wrong questions nearly a decade ago during my new blogging days. Beyond that, scanning Quora for a bit daily reveals most beginner bloggers ask the wrong questions. Few ask the proper questions. Which is why few new bloggers begin the online game the right way.

Get super clear on why you blog. Pick a fun, freeing driver to begin blogging with the right intent. Blogging with the right, freeing energy gives you the proper mindset to start this online game from a genuine energy. Beginning to blog with the right energy inspires you to ask the right questions. This is the starting point to your blogging career. At least if you want to do it the right way from this day going forward. Of course, few bloggers follow this simple process because most are in a big hurry as newbies. Most want to make money online fast. Trying to make money online fast reveals that fear drives you. Fear driven bloggers fail 100% of the time because your energy precedes your results. Being driven by fear guarantees you do the specific things that lead to fear filled results. We know these as struggle, failure and quitting.

What feels fun to you? What blogging niche do you feel passionate about? Pick this blogging niche to begin the online game from the proper energy. From there, instead of asking questions about making money online fast or getting comments or getting traffic quickly, begin to visualize what you really need to know in order to succeed online. An example of the right blogging question would be personally asking a professional blogger how to build a lasting blogging business on a rock solid foundation. Talk about an intelligent way to blog. If you want to take things up a few notches, invest money in coaching from these blogging pros. Learn from the best by paying money for the best blogging advice from the best bloggers. It’s really rather simple although quite uncomfortable for new bloggers to make the decision to ask the right questions.

Let’s dissect the prior question for a few moments to get into the mind of a new blogger on the right path, asking the right questions. So imagine if you asked a professional blogger who has already succeeded how to build a lasting blogging business. Right away, you will get successful advice because this person knows how to succeed online. That’s the right way to do it. Ask only successful people for their advice because you get the best blogging advice from successful bloggers. Smart. But digging even deeper, you ask how to build a lasting blogging business. Talk about having a vision for the future, right?

Most bloggers ask the wrong questions like how to make money blogging quickly or how to drive blog traffic. These are the wrong questions only because there is no vision for the future and there is no qualifying factor as far as who you ask. I respect many users on Quora but most of these people do not have the experience of a professional blogger who has seen great success. Why ask anybody a blogging question other than the most successful bloggers? This makes zero sense to me. This is also why you want to pick and choose answers you receive and questions you ask on free blogging platforms. Professional bloggers offer their best advice through their premium products and services. Pay up to play up. Invest money in the best advice and you will not only ask the right questions but you’ll get the right answers to succeed on your blogging journey.

This is a sore point for most new bloggers because most beginners cling to all types of fears concerning asking questions, who to ask, and how to ask the individual. Most new bloggers come from a scarcity energy of fear. Fear influences you to do stuff guaranteeing your failure, like trying to get all of your blogging advice from free question-and-answer platforms. Bad idea. Get a little bit of your advice for free and most of your blogging advice by paying money to access the best advice from experienced, professional bloggers. This just makes sense. You can ask these bloggers the right questions because purchasing their best advice gives you clarity on this blogging Journey. Gaining clarity gives you confidence. Being confident helps you ask the right questions which produce answers complimenting your long-term blogging success.

Nobody succeeds online until the individual asks the right questions which yields the right answers. The right answers point you down they successful blogging path. The right beginner blogger questions focus on the fundamentals with a long-term approach to building a viable, thriving online business through your blog. Instead of asking questions based on trying to get rich quickly or trying to make a piddly amount of money to barely cover your bills, you will begin blogging the right way with the right energy and the right predominant intent. This is the way to succeed online. Ask the right questions of the right people who have succeeded online to position yourself to become a successful blogger.

Always revisit your dream life because building a vision of your dreams inspires you to do the fun, freeing, but sometimes uncomfortable things to succeed online. One such thing is gaining enough clarity to ask the right questions of the right bloggers. Keep seeing your dreams in vivid detail.

Visualize regularly. Doing so gives you the right energy to ask intelligent questions of successful bloggers, even if it feels a bit scary to reach out to these folks and pick their brains. Some answer. Some do not. All successful bloggers though offer courses, eBooks or coaching services to give you the proper answers and to accelerate your blogging success. Blogging is simple but sometimes uncomfortable. Embrace this basic truth to begin blogging on the straight and narrow. While everybody else asks the wrong blogging questions and heads down the wrong blogging path, you’ll be asking the right questions and positioning yourself to succeed online.


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