Are You Ready to Put in Big Blogging Work for Big Blogging Success?


I read many questions on Quora every single day. Aspiring bloggers ask how to get huge blog traffic. In most cases, I never see these bloggers again. Why? Few human beings want to put in the big work to experience big success. Such is the trend in the blogging niche. Bloggers want big time traffic but when I advise that big-time effort goes into generating huge traffic, most people disappear because they fear putting in big work. Or other bloggers will ask different questions looking for shortcuts and ways to get rich quickly. Impossible. Blogging is freeing yourself slowly, a genuine slow burn spanning thousands of hours of your life. Put in the big work. See big results.

Observe the featured image for this blog post. I updated my “seen at” logo to reflect my recent appearance on Market Watch. The publication picked up one of my blogging posts via their feed. How did I experience these big-time features? How did I inspire people to pitch me to appear on the sites without ever pitching a major publication? I put in a big time blogging effort by generously creating content and building connections over 10,000 + hours of my life. I spent 10,000 hours blogging. Now can you see why I blog from places like Fiji, Bali and Costa Rica? I regularly visualize myself blogging in these spots because doing so energizes me from a calm, peaceful energy for this long haul blogging journey. Sure I have lived in these spots for months or years at a time. But I visualize my dreams manifest because I know doing this inspires me to put in the work to experience increasing online success. I suggest you do the same to put in big blogging work, too.

People without a vision look for shortcuts. Failure follows. People who want something for nothing vanish from the blogging niche quickly. Something for nothing does not exist in life. Every talent you develop gets taxed. The tax is the many thousands of hours of practice involved in becoming a highly-skilled, connected and prolific blogger. Are you ready to put in big blogging work for big blogging success? You can and will blog from places like Thailand and Turkey but putting in the work is the most important step to make your wildest dreams come true through blogging. I am talking about 10 to 12 hour days for many years of your life. But not just doing mindless stuff. I mean 10 hours a day of generously serving people and building your network through blogging, guest posting, and promoting other bloggers through your blog and social media. That is putting in work. Bloggers who put in generous work for years simply live their wildest dreams through this medium.

Put in big blogging work for big blogging success. Allow this idea to seep into your subconscious mind. Visualize yourself blogging from the tropics. Or visualize yourself living whatever your dream life is. I prefer to blog from the tropics but you may prefer to blog from your hometown. There is no wrong answer but you better visualize because having a vision empowers you to put in big blogging work. Otherwise, circumstances bully you, pushing you left and right, because you blog mainly from survival mode. You know what I mean. Blogging just to pay bills or just to get by. Blogging just to get by ensures you put in little blogging work to see little blogging success.

Leave this state of mind behind. Begin visualizing your most spectacular dream life to be the person who lives your dreams. I see myself blogging from Thailand right now. Perhaps Phuket, my favorite tropical island in the world. We rent a place on the southern tip of the island. Gorgeous spot. Calm waters, turquoise in nature, friendly locals and delicious food wait for us whenever we land in Phuket. Seeing this image and feeling it come alive in my mind inspires me to work every single day as I have for the past 5 years of my life. Here I am blogging at 4 on a Saturday afternoon when I could be doing anything else. Why? I put in big blogging work to experience big blogging success but most importantly, I do it to have fun helping you in the process.

Never plow forward mindlessly though. Some bloggers without a vision who intend to just survive simply do silly stuff like spamming their links via comments for 12 hours a day. Bad idea. Putting in big blogging work means generously creating helpful content to solve reader problems through a variety of mediums. Putting in big blogging work means promoting other bloggers through your blog and through social media. Putting in big blogging work means commenting and genuinely on top blogs in your niche every single day for years. This is the movie worthy effort that goes into the living a movie worthy life. Or, this is the type of effort that helped me land on sites like Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Virgin and of course Market Watch. Put in the effort to see the results. Give. Get. This is the simple law of life.

All those bloggers who lived their dreams simply put in a dream effort for years of their life. Embrace this truth and live this way to live your sweetest dream life through blogging.


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