3 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers


Blogging tips for new bloggers. 25 tips for new bloggers. 10 tips for new bloggers. These types of posts pop up on page 1 of Google. All helpful of course, but you don’t need 25 tips as a new blogger because having this much information confuses you and overwhelms you. I appreciate the generosity being doled out to bloggers. But ultimately you need three simple tips to get the right mindset for a new blogger who is beginning this online game.

Your newbie days may feel completely overwhelming. So much information out there, and wild-eyed excitement tends to cripple most beginner bloggers into inaction, or, into ineffective, divided and wild action that leads to failure. Take a deep breath. Relax. Follow these three blogging tips for new bloggers to get off on the right blogging foot.

1: Blog Mainly for Fun

Blog mainly for fun. Make traffic and profits feel like extras or bonuses. Maintaining this frame of mind does a few things for a beginner blogger. First off, you become more involved in the process and less involved in traffic and money outcomes. If you have followed blogging for even a few moments, you see new bloggers often get totally wrapped up in traffic and money. There is so much of a focus on outcomes that new bloggers don’t do the things leading to online success. Relax a little bit. Then really chill out. Blog mainly for fun. Get lost in the process. More on that one later. But if you are willing to blog for the enjoyment of covering your niche and helping human beings, you will out-distance all other newbie bloggers, virtually of course.

Think about why you blog. Picture yourself living your dreams through blogging. Can you see yourself living a fun, freeing life? Good. This is the starting point of being a successful blogger. I visualize myself blogging from the beaches of Thailand, Costa Rica and Fiji quite regularly. Even though I have lived these experiences I intend to continue my globe-trotting ways when international travel begins again. Revisiting my vision helps me to blog mainly for fun, detaching me from business outcomes. This is the perfect energy for being generous, patient, persistent, detached and trusting, all critical elements in becoming a professional blogger. Cultivate this state of mind as a newbie and you will have the right foundation for your blog.

2: Follow Professional Blogging Advice

Follow only advice from professional bloggers who know what they are talking about. Get the best blogging advice from the best bloggers to best position yourself to succeed as a new blogger. Pros know how to blog successfully. Pros know how to blog the right way. Listen to them. Buy their eBooks. Watch their videos. Listen to their podcasts. Read their blog posts. Buy their courses. Simply follow only professional blogger advice to know that you are on the right path with your online business. This sounds simple but unfortunately, most new bloggers do not follow professional blogging advice. Most follow their own advice. This is silly because new bloggers have no blogging experience and no good advice to follow, flowing from their own, green mind.

Even worse, new bloggers often follow advice from other new bloggers who struggle terribly. Of course you will struggle if you follow advice from a struggling blogger. Invest money in resources from professional bloggers to blog the right way. Ignore all other advice unless you want to fail. Learn from the best to begin blogging effectively, intelligently and abundantly. This is the key to starting your blogging career the right way.

3: Get Lost in Helping People

Get entirely lost in helping people through your blog, by promoting other bloggers on your blog and by promoting other bloggers on social media. Comment genuinely on blogs too. Getting lost in other folks helps you build the skills, exposure and credibility that positions you to succeed online. Most new bloggers make the common error of focusing their attention and energy on their traffic and money stats. They get lost in themselves. Bad idea. Why? You cannot pay yourself and make money. Zero sum gain. You cannot visit your own blog to drive your traffic. But if you help other people generously these other human beings will drive traffic to your blog and increase your online income too.

Be super generous. Relax, take a deep breath and get to helping people all day long through your blog, through their blog and through social media. Be a generous servant. All the practical tips work beautifully for generous bloggers and work terribly for self-centered, stingy bloggers who hold back because they are worried mainly about themselves and their success. Generous servants begin their blogging career the right way, setting an abundant precedent that leads to stunning blogging success over the long haul.


Stick to these fundamentals guys. I have over 50 blogging tips eBooks in my library on Amazon that lay out practical blogging tips for everybody from newbies to pros. Buy a few today to get the specific tips that you need to put into action to succeed online. But these mindset tips above are ten thousand times more important then the practical blogging tips because until you think, and feel like a pro blogger you will never act like a pro blogger who follows proven, professional blogger advice.

Blogging is an energy game before everything else. This game is about emotions, feelings, and having the right intent. Follow these basic mindset tips to position yourself to succeed online.


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