Are You a Quora Blogging Junkie?


Hey guys, just like the next guy or gal, I do love free things and hot deals. I cannot lie. But in the same regard, seeking free advice or free goodies all of the time signifies that you fear losing or spending money. This fear will cripple your blogging campaign because if you ask questions on free Q&A sites like Quora all day long, you will not get the best possible answers for your blogging career. Some users may offer helpful answers but the best advice is found not only through top blogs but also through top ebooks, top courses and respected services published and created by established, professional bloggers.

Not the Best

 Bloggers generally do not share their best content or their best advice on a site like Quora because these are serious business people who are way too busy to give away their best stuff on a site they do not own. These pros also have plenty of clients and customers to help through their products and services so they will not be spending hours on a free question and answer site to offer their most dazzling blogging advice. I do see a number of users on Quora who blog, who seem to be Lounge Lizards on the site, and you know exactly what I mean by saying this. The same folks ask question after question and many times these are the same questions asked again and again and again. If you want free advice to become a highly successful blogger it just will not happen in almost every single case. Professional bloggers need to pay up to play up. By this, I mean that aspiring pros pay money for premium advice. Premium advice is the best advice to follow to become a successful, professional blogger.

Money Fears

 Deep down, all of these Quora blogging junkies know this but fear spending money.  How can you ever become a professional blogger who does uncomfortable stuff if you just want to get free advice all day long on a site like Quora? This is not going to happen. You will not succeed online until you begin paying or investing money for the best blogging advice from the most established, professional bloggers. Pay close attention to the top bloggers of the world. These folks invest money in their blogging education. This rings true through every single niche in the online and offline world. Even top pros need premium coaching to cover their blind spots. But if you get caught in a vicious cycle of seeking free advice from individuals, good luck with the results. Who knows other than the top pro bloggers the success level of people answering your questions on Quora? Why would you trust them implicitly? Why would you spend hours seeking free advice from folks who do not necessarily know how to blog or may not even run a blog?

Not Funny

 Does the prior line sound funny? I guarantee you that based on some of the answers I have read how a certain percentage of Quora users have never run their own blog. I know many of these folks never bought their domain and hosting because clicking through reveals they use free blogging platforms like Blogspot. Do you really want to follow the advice of someone who fears spending $10 a month on their hosting?  Think this one through before you become a Quora lounge lizard.

Follow Blogs

 Do yourself a favor. Follow top bloggers through their actual blogs. Ask questions via email. Even better, invest money in their coaching, e-books and services. This is why I wrote a hundred plus ebooks for my blog and brand. You have a hundred plus in-depth answers to not only blogging questions but personal development questions as well as travel questions. I also tossed in a few entertaining reads that do not answer a particular question but are quite fun, light and enjoyable to read. Pro bloggers create premium resources for you to read, digest, watch and enjoy, so you too may succeed. This advice will usually dwarf any answer AKA advice you see on a free question and answer sites. But you need to know this and face your fears before you change your bad blogging habit of only seeking good advice for free.

Pay for Good Advice

 Again, I like a freebie like the next guy but for something as serious as my professional blogging career, I am not going to follow free advice from a stranger or even free advice from a professional blogger most of the time. Why?  I am a professional blogger and I know how professional bloggers think. We offer our best advice through premium resources and services on our blogs because we own these blogs. We would never consistently give out our best advice on a site we did not own. Makes zero sense because that content can be pulled or manipulated at any time.

Follow Pros

 Follow professionals through their blogs. Invest money in their courses, e-books and services. Get the best advice from the best bloggers to succeed online. I know this makes perfect sense when you read these words but make sure you catch yourself when you want to freebie dive. You know exactly what I mean. Fear arises in your mind when it comes time to spending money on the best blogging advice and you tell yourself you’ll just check Quora for a good answer. Nope. Turn around, drop a few bucks and get the best advice to live your life of fun and freedom through blogging. Living your dreams through blogging is well worth a few bucks, right?


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