Do You Work on Your Inner Blogging World?


Blogging is an inside-out game. Amid all of the practical tips to follow to build helpful content and establish meaningful connections, your energy dictates how you act online.  How you feel dictates how you blog. How you blog dictates your results. The ultimate challenge is in changing your vibe from fear to abundance on a deeper level. This is a chore at first. Why? Most bloggers mindlessly plow through their day without giving any thought to how they feel. If you are unaware of your emotions you have no idea why you actually blog.

Do you work on your inner blogging world? How much time do you spend observing your thoughts and feelings? Honestly assess why you do what you do. I like to do a check up from the neck up regularly to see why I blog and my blogging direction. I also like to visualize my dream life routinely because seeing myself circling the globe keeps me on the blogging straight and narrow. Basically, I keep generously creating and connecting as long as I hold my vision of me circling the globe on a daily basis. Why? Seeing the person helps you to keep being the person while your dreams continue to manifest.

 Have you ever noticed that most bloggers struggle terribly to drive any type of traffic or profits through their blogs? Failure indicates these bloggers do a little or no inner work. Fear vibes out of these bloggers. Bloggers spam or scam people because these bloggers fear losing money. Blogging from an energy of fear guarantees failure because fear brings fear filled results. But going within, bloggers face and release their fears which allows them to blog from energies of generosity, abundance and service. Perfect energy for becoming a successful blogger but only if you do the inner work on a regular basis.

 I spend up to 4 hours some days engaging in inner work. Meditating, doing yoga and exercising helps me to expand my awareness. Expanding my awareness allows me to face, feel and release my fears so I can proceed from a pure blogging intent. Nobody said going within is an easy, comfortable process though. Doing the inner work requires you to face and feel deep fears. Be with these uncomfortable energies because all growth occurs outside of your comfort zone, not within your comfort zone. Fall back on your dream vision. I regularly gaze at pictures of myself circling the globe, living in places like New Zealand, Fiji, Bali and Thailand because getting my inner world clear allows me to move into clearer, more confident blogging actions like creating and connecting.

 As within, so without is the blogging mantra. Honor that mantra to better position yourself to succeed online.  Set aside time after you wake up in the morning to look within. Practice observing your body. Watch your mind. At first, this feels overwhelming because most people are completely unaware of how loud and obnoxious their mind is. But over time, with patience, you begin to observe your thoughts and feelings and let these energies go. This is the beginner’s mind. This is when you really put in work on your blogging inner world to make your blogging activities easier. Doing the inner work makes the outside work more easy and seamless. Commit fully to working on your blogging inner world and you’ll find success knocking at your cyber door.


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