5 Best Tools To Speed Up Development Of A WordPress Site


The entire process of creating your site and trying to test it out can be very time consuming in the long run. It is very important to try and lower the time needed in developing something and the amount of time needed to test it out. 

A lot of times have I seen developers simply waste so much time on repetitive tasks over and over again. This will, in the end, accumulate to a lot of time wasted in the long run. 

If you could get rid of a process that takes ten minutes to do and you have to do it on a regular basis, then you really are going to save up a lot more time (which you can then in turn use to work on more important thing on your site).

You will speed up the entire process of creating your site by such a huge amount that you will be hitting your head for not doing it sooner.

The best way to speed up the developmental process of your site is by using plugins or tools that do a certain process or task with a click of a button (the same process would take you 5-10 minutes depending on the task).


WP Reset


WP Reset is the go-to plugin for any kind of developer on WordPress. It is the best option for people who are developing themes, plugins and, of course, just creating a WordPress site!

And no, it is not used to just reset your WordPress site, but it can do so much more. The whole idea of resetting the site does sound strange to some people, but for others it is the best thing out there. 

It is perfect for when you want to test out multiple things on the site, like trying to see which plugin works best with which version of WordPress. Or which combination of plugins will give you the best performance and which combinations will lower the performance.

You updated a plugin and it made your entire site slower and not working properly from that point onward? Then go ahead and press the “Undo” option on WP reset and you are back on track!

It saves you up so much time because it eliminates the tedious and time-consuming everyday tasks that you have to do on your site. You don’t have to go around and manually reset every setting that you have on the site, and then after all of that go back and install all of the plugins once again. 

With WP Reset you can reset the site with one click and then you can load up all of you favorite plugins and themes back up with another click of a button. (You create a collection of favorite themes and plugins that will automatically be reinstalled after every restart).

I will leave it to your imagination to how much time you will be saving with this plugin – valuable time that you can then use on other things.


Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Page


Here we have another plugin that will surely save you up some time and speed up the process of creating your WordPress site. This plugin is a real miracle worker for when you need a quick coming soon or maintenance page immediately. 

Who wants to go through the process of creating a new page from scratch in order for it to say “The site is under maintenance”? If you need it fast then it will look bland and empty. But if you want it to look nice and warm, then you will waste too much time on it while in the mean time you could have finished with the maintenance of the entire site. 

With this plugin you make a very good-looking Coming soon page or maintenance page in the blink of an eye. It truly is very customizable, and you can make it look animated and all that if you so wish.




LastPass is a very handy dandy little tool that will remove the need to remember all of those passwords that you have laying about. It is especially handy when you have multiple accounts on WordPress and you want to jump from one to the other. It can also create very strong custom passwords for you to use.

This plugin is especially useful on sites that have multiple users logging in and that you want to manage different user controls. A great example of this can be seen on merphal.com, where they allow for image and art submissions. When allowing new content contributors on their site, it’s important to make sure all of their login information is safe and secure at all times, which is where this plugin comes in perfectly.


WP Squish


This is a straight forward plugin which sole purpose is to standardize all of your images. By this I mean that you can set the file size of the images uploaded to your WordPress site to be of a specific size (let’s say 2 mb) and additionally which resolution you want them all to be. 

This is brilliant because it removes the need to go and manually set all of these things by yourself for each image that you want to upload. It is not a problem if you will be uploading a couple of images, but if you are going to be uploading a boatload of images then the time wasted is substantial!


301 Redirects – Easy Redirect Manager


Last but not least is this easy redirect manager. The entire process of redirecting can be such a pain in the back, especially if you have to redirect the entire damn site with all of its pages and blogs. It’s a nightmare and you can get overwhelmed pretty easily. 

That is where this plugin comes into play. It makes the whole process more manageable, faster and more practical with its user-friendly interface and organizational system. It is also good when you want to redirect things in bulk.

It is very critical for you to have a plugin like this one, especially if you have to change your domain or if you have made major changes to the site.

Whichever of these plugins you choose to install and use, I guarantee they will help you speed up the developmental process of creating and maintaining your site by a great number.