Do You Have Blogging Drive?


Blogging is an inside-out gig. Big time.

Bloggers with drive simply get the job done because of their mindset. But few bloggers possess the driven, focused mindset to get the job done. After watching a documentary on Michael Jordan, the biographers explained how MJ stood out not because of his skills or athletic ability, so much, but because of his mind. He became perhaps the greatest athlete of all time by developing a fiery will and a focus unrivaled in professional sports. Scores of tremendous athletes with serious skills failed against Jordan because his mind became so powerful, that his body became unstoppable.

Sure he practiced like mad because of his mindset. But the skills he developed began in the inner world, and manifested in the physical world.  As within, as without. The inner world manifests in the outside world, for every human being. 

As a blogger, you need to develop a sense of drive to make your way through the ups and downs, ins and outs, all the peaks and valleys we face to become successful online. Nobody succeeds online unless they have drive because obstacles stop bloggers who do not commit to their craft. Life intervenes. Resistance arises. Bloggers who get ahead simply have enough drive to wade through obstacles until they find solutions to these problems. Everybody else throws their hands up and quits. Quitting is a common problem in the blogging game because most bloggers work from an energy of fear, feeling helpless the moment any obstacle arises. I am stunned at how quickly bloggers quit at even the tiniest hint of an obstacle. Perhaps you feel totally intimidated when it comes to formatting eBooks, so you quit. That makes zero sense to me. Why not just learn how to format the eBook from a professional and then do it yourself?

 Bloggers with no drive give up at the drop of a hat. Bloggers with drive work their way through any type of obstacle until becoming a successful professional blogger. Having drive is the difference between top bloggers and everybody else. Like the top performers in any niche, all top bloggers have that certain gear that they tap into to propel them past  the most difficult circumstances. We all have that gear. Top pros just decide to access it even if it feels uncomfortable to do so. The more folks you help the more success you experience but you need drive to help a staggeringly large volume of people on a persistent basis. Go within. See your most spectacular dream life manifest before your very eyes. Become emotionally involved with your wildest dreams. Blogging gives you one way through which you can live your dreams but you need to develop your drive by seeing this image in clear detail. Knowing where you’re headed inspires you to get there.

 Develop blogging drive by creating a vision of your dreams. See yourself living that life. Most people have no drive because most folks never visualize their dreams, being tossed around on a sea of circumstance. You are different. I know it. Develop blogging drive by seeing your dream life in vivid detail. Reach your goals buy mowing down obstacles one at a time during your online journey.


Do you have a tough time thinking, feeling and acting like a professional blogger? Sometimes it seems like making a quantum leap to go from not having motivation to becoming a driven blogger. I wrote an eBook to help you think like a successful blogger so you can rock it out online. Buy it here:

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