What Does Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Look Like?


Be honest. If your blogger outreach campaign looks like blindly pitching bloggers left and right you have some serious changes to make. I think most of us begin outreach with the right intent but get lost during the process. Everybody wants to have fun making friends. But fear manifest as greed and desperation moves bloggers in the wrong direction. What is the wrong direction to take with your blogger outreach campaign? Emailing bloggers pitches without building relationships is one example. I usually get pitched guest post requests for my blog from bloggers I never met before. Even though I appreciate the offer for free content I also have all the content I’d ever need at my blog. Why would I accept  content from a stranger who I do not know or trust? This is an example of poor blogger outreach.

 On the flip side, if your blogging outreach campaign is built on a foundation of being generous you move in the right direction. But you have to be honest about how you connect with other bloggers. Most bloggers play the dreaded numbers game. These folks try to meet as many people as possible during a normal business day to grow their blogging business. This is not a wise approach because human beings build your business. Numbers do not build your business. Numbers are inanimate objects incapable of doing anything, including buying your stuff, promoting you or endorsing you. What is the more intelligent blogger outreach approach? Generously make friends with bloggers by helping them out. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return.

 Gradually, some of the bloggers you help appreciate your kindness and befriend you. Blogging buddies help blogging buddies. This is blogger outreach done the right way. Help people to earn their trust. After earning their trust you lay the foundation for a successful blogger outreach campaign because the more people who trust you the more your presence expands online. When 5 or 10 or 50 bloggers retweet your latest post because you generously befriended these bloggers you quickly see the immense power in doing outreach the right way. How did you influence so many bloggers to retweet you? Being generous opens the blogging door. Help as many bloggers as humanly possible today. Ask for nothing in return. Gain blogger trust by promoting bloggers on social media, by promoting them on your blog and by commenting genuinely on blogs. Befriend bloggers by being a friend. Doesn’t that sound simple? It really is but fear deludes bloggers sometimes.

 Fear makes you do what you have no interest in doing. Anytime I check a back-office I undoubtedly see a high volume of spam comments. Every spammer blogs dominantly from an energy of fear. Doing things from fear ensures you struggle and fail because you cannot outsmart your energy. Stop trying to grab a pro blogger’s attention by spamming them through email or comments. Comment genuinely on their blog. Promote the blogger on social media or through your blog. Buy the blogger’s ebook or course. Ask for nothing in return. Earn the right to grab their attention by being generous. Eventually, more top bloggers will befriend you, promote you and help expand your reach, multiplying your blogging success. Being generous opens the door to the sugary sweet benefits but first you have to be honest about your current blogging campaign if it’s not the most effective approach.

Blogger outreach is not an exercise in getting through manipulation. For quite a long time, a number of bloggers taught the manipulative approach to blogger outreach through silly hacks and other ineffective strategies. Never reach out trying to get because bloggers can see you A Million Miles Away. Reach out to give. Blogger outreach is about giving freely if you want to do it the right way. I know you’re up to it. 

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