Do You Resist Using Tools?


I felt a little bit under the weather today. Stiff neck combined with an upset stomach made for a devilish duo. So I took off the afternoon with some much-needed rest. But when I popped back online I found myself wanting to do things the old way. I wanted to plow through my day by typing out every blog post and guest post. This was not going to happen. My neck, fingers and back simply will not allow it. So what did I do? I used voice to text in Google Docs to create and publish this post. Even though I do not prefer using voice to text I realize that I need to use this tool today to get the job done in calm, confident fashion.

 I often found myself resisting the tool use thing in the past because I prided myself on doing things manually. As has been said in a Star Wars movie, Twice The Pride double the fall. Remove pride from the blogging equation. Stop letting your ego call the shots. Used tools that make your life easier in order to help your audience while enjoying the ride. Even though I feel a little uncomfortable using this tool I know that it will help you and help me in the long run. Sure it takes a little bit longer to speak out my posts because I type really fast. I also need to do at least one to two edits because the words sometimes don’t show up how I spoke the words. See what I mean? I left that one in LOL!

 Anyway, use tools to make your life easier and to better serve your readership. But do not get attached to certain tools because the blogger not the tools ultimately gets the job done. Tools serve as extensions used by skilled bloggers to publish content and build bonds with fellow bloggers and with their readers. Never look to a tool to do the job that only you can do. But in the same regard, use tools to accelerate your success. Point blank, no way am I writing 3 to 4 guest posts tonight. My body will not allow it because typing is out of the question right now. But dictating posts will be a piece of cake even if it takes me a little bit longer to get the job done. I also prefer to work in quiet. This means not even hearing my own voice. Again, I need to be flexible right now and use technology while breaking one of my rules because I want to help myself and help you. Do you see what I mean? Blogging gets so much easier for flexible people and much tougher for rigid people.

 Open up. What tools can you use to make your life easier and to better serve your audience? Create a list of helpful tools after doing a Google search. I even tried to do this on my phone a few moments ago but ran into roadblocks. I am having issues getting my microphone icon to pop up on my phone keyboard. Oh well, I know I will figure it out in the long run. But for now, I just dictate to my laptop and from there we both benefit because I used a tool when I am usually not that tool guy at all. Be flexible, be open and be willing to use technology for the betterment of everybody. Stop torturing yourself by trying to do everything manually. Move your ego to the side or else you will wind up struggling, getting sick and in the long run you may even quit blogging by trying to do everything on your own. Technology is a gift. Use it for everybody.


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