Do You Blog with an Abundance Mentality?


I recorded this video for Twitter a few moments ago.

I care not about video views. To the best of my abilities, I blog with an abundance mentality. Blogging abundance is giving freely with little to no expectation of getting or receiving anything. This is the perfect mindset for becoming a successful blogger because giving freely increases your skills, exposure and credibility. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure and rock solid cred position themselves to go pro because each factor weighs heavily on your blogging career. But most bloggers have a tough time succeeding because the masses blog with a scarcity mindset. Ya know; give a tiny bit but then hold back, to see how much traffic or profits you drive through your creations. Any time you hold back, fear influences you to be stingy. Stingy bloggers possess few skills, little exposure and virtually no credibility. Failure follows, usually followed up by quitting.

Before I dove back into writing this guest post, the power went out. Here I am in 90 degree New Jersey. I feel like I’m in Thailand again. Hot, humid and no AC or fan handy, I am at peace because I am used to these conditions, living in the tropics for years. Anyway, even though I sweat a little bit and could readily nap, I write these words offline to prep the post for publishing on Blogging Tips. Why? I do my best to maintain an abundance mentality. The more you give, the more you succeed. The more you help people, the more people help you. In truth, we logically know this makes perfect sense but logic has little to do with life. Everything is energy-based. Everything is feelings, emotions, love or fear. Most bloggers blog mainly from fear. Blogging from fear makes you hold back stingy-style. Being stingy precedes failure.

How can you blog abundantly? Give freely and face fears concerning getting anything in return. Base your campaign on enjoying the blogging process and paying little attention to outcomes because the process leads to your results. Outcomes like traffic, profits and social shares forecast nothing because giving leads to getting. Does this make sense? The more you give, the more you get. Allow that core idea to seep deep into your subconscious mind. Surround yourself with free givers too, to adopt a successful blogger mindset. Grab my blogging mindset eBook if you need help with thinking like a rocking pro.

Blogging gets easier for abundant bloggers and tougher for bloggers who hold back. Let go bloggers who hold back because allowing their ideas to influence your mind holds you back, too. Release these folks. Replace with high energy types who do fabulous things via their profound generosity. Let these free givers influence you to generously adopt an abundant blogging mindset. Success follows. But mainly because you surrounded yourself with the abundant bloggers of the world. Make it a point to seek out these folks because scarcity tends to stricken most bloggers, who influence you to hold back. I feel grateful to be inspired by abundant blogging buddies like Chayan at Simple Facts Online. He gives freely, inspiring me to keep giving freely. One hand washes the other.

Ask yourself honestly: do you blog from an abundance mentality or do you hold back a bit too much? Answer honestly. Proceed to build your blogging campaign on generosity, abundant actions and a deep, unshakable trust in the blogging process. Blogging success flows to bloggers who give freely to blogging. Blogging is a wonderful mirror; you get out of blogging whatever you give to blogging.