Why Do You Ask the Same Blogging Questions?


Do you wonder why you ask the same blogging questions again and again?

I often get asked the same or similar questions by bloggers who asked the same or similar questions months or even years ago. But these folks seem to keep slamming into the same blogging problems. Why? Why ask the same blogging questions to address the same blogging problems over years of your blogging career? I will tell you why. Even if it stings to own this truth, you resist facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling blogging problems. Every problem feasts on fear. I care not how many times you ask a blogging question; unless you face, own and feel the fear fueling the problem, you have the same problem and keep asking the same question, for years.

I used to have a heckuva time gaining exposure for my eBooks. I asked bloggers how to promote eBooks and noted how most told me to promote my eBooks freely, along with guest posting and posting to my blog prolifically. I ignored their advice because my fears aligned with promoting and selling my eBooks remained strong in my being. What if someone published a 1 star review of my eBooks? How would that feel? What it someone criticized me for charging too much money for my eBooks? How would that feel? What if no one bought my eBooks? How would that feel? All of these fears danced around in my mind for quite a long time. Actually, for such a long time that I struggled to make eBook coin for a minute….or more.

Finally, after asking the same eBook questions, getting the same answers and not acting on these answers, I decided to face, feel and release fears related to selling my eBooks. Did this feel good? Nope. But on the other side of fear, I did feel better. Feeling better, I began promoting my eBooks freely, to the tune of every single blog post I published, and every single guest post I published. Things began to come together but only because I did not allow things to fall apart, facing fears fueling these eBook issues. Face the fear, feel it, feel better, then you follow good, proven advice offered you by experienced pros. Following good advice allows you to succeed because proven advice leads to proven results. The process is genuinely simple but feels uncomfortable sometimes because you and I do not relish facing, feeling and releasing fears related to blogging problems. But without feeling these fears, we see the same questions pop up again and again.

No way around fear other than through it because you need to feel it, to release yourself from fear’s nefarious energies. Feel it, clear it, then you will act on the blogging advice you received many times over, each time you asked the same blogging question, over the months, and years. Following good advice helps you succeed. Successful bloggers no longer need to ask the same questions because the problem is solved, and the question is moot. Now you can ask different questions or even better yet, answer questions bloggers ask, based on your knowledge, wisdom and blogging experience.

Keep tabs on how often you ask specific questions to see what fears to wade into. Guaranteed, you know all you need to know by taking your foot off of the question asking pedal, in order to move forward from a fear-diving, success-promoting, blogging strategy.


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