Blogging Friendships Come and Go Sometimes


I have connected with a number of bloggers over the years whom I grew out of touch with, for many reasons.

Nothing personal. But I no longer resonate with these bloggers. Perhaps blogging is just like life, in this regard. Friendships come. Friendships go. Life is similar online, from a blogging perspective. I befriended many bloggers in the past who simply faded out of my experience. Nothing dramatic happened. We grew apart. No big deal. In other cases, yes, I did have a bit of a falling out with fellow bloggers. No big deal. It happens. Some bloggers refused to pay me for service rendered. I have no desire to get involved with poverty, so I moved on. Some bloggers angered at me for honest mistakes I made; again, no big deal….I move on because I am human for erring, and fellow bloggers are human, for angering.

Sometimes I had to block bloggers who became nasty critics after being sweet, warm friends. These odd folks could not help themselves, so I helped them, with my blocking service.

In any case, be quick to release blogging bonds long worn out, tired and needing to go because holding on to worn out bonds makes blogging difficult for you. Why? Where your energy goes, grows. Giving blogging energy to folks you outgrew simply pulls you back into being that type of blogger. I recall wanting to stay friends with critical, angry, weak-minded bloggers because I held a poor self-image. What if I lost these friends? Who would I befriend? I would be alone; or, minus one former good blogging buddy. Eventually, I had to let go friends turned foes for my sanity. I forced myself to face fears during these releasing sessions. Turns out, the very act of ending bonds boosted my image of self because I stopped giving attention and energy to people who treated me poorly. In essence, I starved my poor self-image until it dissolved into an empowered self image, all because I released friends comfortable with the lower self esteem version of me.

Never hold on to old, boring, worn out bonds. Immediately release folks non-resonant with you, your blog and your brand image because letting go precedes growing. The split second you release lower energies you make room for higher energies to move into your experience, almost like magic. Make no mistake about it; you and I share some sour blogging experiences along with sweet ones, during our blogging journey. We need to make friends and befriend friends along the way, to gain clarity, confidence and posture. Going down these uncomfortable but necessary blogging paths frees us from struggle, failure and ultimately, quitting our blogging campaigns.

Be super comfortable with the fact that blogging buddies move in to and come out of your life, sometimes. The blogger you were even 5 years ago is likely quite different than the blogger you are now; at least if you grow regularly. I could never be friends with the folks I befriended 10 years ago, because we were all struggling, new bloggers. Why would I surround myself with blogging buddies now who are new, struggling and lost? I help these awesome folks freely, mentoring them and guiding them, but I would certainly not engage in brainstorming sessions with these folks because blogging birds of a feather flock together.

Let go of poor, worn out blogging bonds because sometimes, blogging friendships come and go. Replace these former matches with current day matches, bloggers resonating with your current views, values and outlook on life.


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