Blogging Problems Dissolve into Generous Service


The more people you help for free through your blog, the easier blogging becomes.

Every single blogging problem dissolves into generous service. Help oodles of people for free through your blog, guest posts, videos and podcasts. Be patient. Be persistent. Money and traffic flow to you freely, doing away with all blogging profits and blog traffic problems. Every blogger with problems simply has a problem rendering generous service. Publishing a blog post then sitting on your rear end for a few weeks ain’t being generous. Publishing 2-3 or more blog posts and guest posts daily is being quite generous. Guess what that does, all that free content creating? Well, you develop skills, exposure and credibility by publishing all of that free, helpful content. Credible, skilled bloggers in many spots who open multiple income streams increase their profits and boost their blog traffic, too.

The recipe is rather simple; get lost in creating and connecting to succeed online. Get lost in your readers. Help folks for free, through multiple channels. I enjoy writing. Why not publish posts left and right? Why not publish guest posts freely, too? NOT helping people generously makes zero sense because being stingy is the root of your blogging problems. I never came across a seasoned pro who blogged from a stingy, giving-resistant energy. Hold back, and it is held back from you. Be generous, and blogging becomes generous, with you.

Be patient, persistent and relaxed with your giving campaign because good things require generous service, patience, persistence and time. Nothing happens overnight. But closely studying top pros reveals that all of your giving eventually promotes slow, steady traffic and profits gains through your blogging campaign. Both traffic and profits build. Success expands. Everything began the day you decided to be ALL IN on the generous service side of things. Being all in means detaching greatly from outcomes, trusting in yourself and trusting in the blogging process. Developing this abundant state of mind may require either mental gymnastics or serious time spent in personal development, aka, energy training. I devote a decent chunk of time daily to managing my energy, to expand my prosperity consciousness. Sure hasn’t hurt me.

Simply be with your fears concerning being generous. Most of us grow up watching our parents work jobs mainly for paychecks. We demand, expect and all but NEED to get money in return for work or service rendered. Blogging never works that way. Blogging requires you to work for free for a while to gain skills, exposure and credibility enough to make money regularly. Money gets easier if you work for free and money gets harder if you do not work for free. Everything is on you.

Being generous is a skill; the more you do it, the easier it becomes to be generous. Put in the time, now, to cultivate the habit of being generous. Be patient and persistent. Be gentle with yourself, too. Silly ego demands to get money fast from every blog post, comment and video you publish. But blogging never works that way. Never has, never will. Blogging is a business, not a job. Being generous gets easier the more generous you become, and the more generous you become allows more blogging problems to dissolve…..for good.


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