How is Social Media Influencing Home Improvement Projects?

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How is Social Media Influencing Home Improvement Projects?

How is Social Media Influencing Home Improvement Projects?

The advent of Instagram has changed the way we do things daily. Many young cooks not just focus on the taste of their food but also the presentation as the click needs to be Insta worthy.

Not just food but social media also makes you feel you are missing
out on other great things like traveling to exotic locations or doing your own
DIY projects. In fact, Pinterest is a popular social media platform when we
talk about DIY projects and it has encouraged me to make cute gifts for my
friends and family.

When #DIY is such a trending hashtag, how can it not cover the
field of home renovations? If you go through Pinterest or Instagram for home renovation posts, you will find thousands of ideas and most of them
are workable enough.

Why More People are Looking into DIY Home Improvement Projects?

There is no one shoe that fits all here. The reasons can be
multiple but the most prominent one is that most people who DIY renovate their
home, do not really need home renovations to fix something. These are young
minds that need to design their home in a particular way to fit with their

Why are they doing it themselves? Well, maybe they cannot afford
to hire someone to do it. A few people think that doing it themselves will make
it more homely as the finished product will be as per their taste. Another
reason could be that they are passionate about doing it themselves and find
this an inspiring project. Let the reason be any, DIY home
needs a lot of patience and time in hand for you to succeed in
finishing the project so that your home looks aesthetically appealing.

Is DIY Possible for a Complete Home Renovation?

While you would love to transform
your home yourself
, let us not forget that the home renovation project does not just
include beautifying it. If you have to make changes to the structure of your
house, need a plumbing or electrical job done then you have to hire someone to
do it for you (assuming you do not know how to do these things). Hence, you can
tackle only a percentage of the project and have to hire professionals to do
the rest for you.

How can Home Renovation DIY Ideas on Social Media Really Help?

The tips and tricks available online give the DIY-ers confidence
to execute the project on their own. Most of them are interested in modernizing
the space, others may be interested in landscaping and updating their outdoor
space. Most young homeowners are environmentally more concerned. They opt to
renovate their homes such that it is greener and energy-efficient by installing
smart appliances, good insulation, and sustainable bamboo

The Bottom Line:

influence of social media on people to personalize their homes is increasing as
younger people are investing in new homes. But one thing that is never going to
change is the influence of money on them as that can change the dynamics of how
any home improvement project is taken further. Nevertheless, even if most
homeowners who have a comfortable income may hire a professional to do it for
them rather than indulging in DIYs but somewhere the ideas from social media
will creep into the final design of the home improvement project.

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