Do You Need to Let Go Income Streams?


I recall over 10 years ago when I was a newbie blogger. I struggled to make bank blogging-wise because I was green, not at all skilled and I began my blogging journey with no entrepreneurial bones in my body. Life was tough. Really tough.

Naturally, since I vibed mainly fear and thought small, I signed up for $1 surveys as a way to make money. Never mind how some surveys ate up 5 to 20 minutes of my time to make 1 USD. How do you make a living 1 buck at a time? Especially if you devote 5 to 20 minutes to make that buck? Answer; you DO NOT make a living doing this because you eventually run out of time and feel darn bored in the process too, making peanuts through your online campaign. I did smarten up and stopped completing these surveys but routinely stripped old, worn out, online income streams over my decade online because letting go precedes growing.

Whether I let go small or big ticket income streams did not matter. I simply released what felt old, tired and like quite a drag on my blogging campaign. I even let go an entire blog, brand and prospering channel in 2014 during my vacation in Fiji. My host forced my hand, but I listened, closely. Thank goodness I let go the blog, brand and streams because I never would create Blogging From Paradise, my courses, eBooks, audio books and other blogging consulting channels unless I let go all else, through my old blog.

What blogging income streams do you need to let go? Do you aspire to be a professional blogger? Consider moving on from $5 a job sites because stringing together enough jobs to go full time proves to be a Herculean task. Even worse? Trading ample time for little money goes against what the blogging game is about. Freedom wins. You and I intend to be free through blogging. I engineered my blogging campaign to primarily yield passive income because I like making money online while sleeping, traveling and managing my energy (offline) daily. But imagine if I traded 5 bucks per job? How could I ever be free working for such low wages? I would need to put together 8 or 10 or more jobs daily to make even the slightest headway. Far worse would be me trading time for money, a no-no in the freedom blogging game. I rarely do that, simply doing an odd bit of coaching here and there. But at least I charge a healthy rate to make one hour of coaching worthy my while.

Here’s the tricky part; you may even enjoy working consulting channels and make nice coin in the process but feel depressed about trading time for money. Vacations beckon. You intend to spend a week or month in the forest. But how can you do this if you fill your schedule chock-a-block with 12-14 clients daily? Imagine working from 8 AM to 8 PM every single day, barely having enough time to grab a crumb to eat. Even passionate consultants tire of trading life for money; especially folks who desire the freeing, fun life of a passive income earning blogger. In these cases, keep your consulting gig but spend all possible blogging minutes building up your passive income streams. Let go clients. Scale back. Tell clients you are taking on no new work and you are also scaling back your current client base. Free up time for both creating and promoting passive income channels to eventually leave most if not all of your active income streams behind.

Ultimately, we all know when we need to let go certain income streams. Trust your gut. Listen to your intuition. Free yourself through the cathartic habit of release.


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