3 Tips to Leave Behind a Mediocre Blogging Career


Do you feel stuck? Does blogging mediocrity weigh you down?

Sometimes, bloggers get so used to the status quo that being average feels normal, comfortable and pretty much like your lot in life. Society teaches you to play it safe. The general public does just enough to skate by, largely living in survival mode.

I felt totally comfortable being average for most of my life. Genuinely eye-opening mentors – in blogging and outside of blogging – helped me see I could do more, have more and most importantly, BE more, if I left my comfort zone and lived a life of service and openness to freedom. Life can change. Life will change. But you need to decide to leave behind a mediocre, average, ho-hum blogging career in order to be great.

How can you break free from this mindset, to experience stunning blogging success? Follow these 3 tips.

1: Become Deeply Passionate About Blogging

Blogging gives you what you give blogging. If blogging feels mediocre, or blah, blogging gives you mediocre results. But if blogging feels fun, passion-inducing and dare I say, enlightening, this gig becomes really, really good to you over the long haul.

For example; I publish up to 14 posts daily because I blog mainly for fun, for the sheer passion of blogging. I LOVE THIS BLOGGING BIT! Naturally, creating and publishing my 14th post of the day at 3 AM feels fun, freeing and enlightening, not like a heavy burden or hard work. Let go mediocre by releasing mediocre, BS blogging drivers like money or popularity. Become deeply passionate about blogging to sprint forward.

2: Become Highly Generous

Help as many humans for free every single day to gain skills, exposure and credibility that rocket-propulse your blogging career into orbit. Blogging gets easier for generous bloggers and tougher for stingy bloggers. Mediocre bloggers give just enough content to get by, to manifest mediocre results. Superstar bloggers give generously superstar efforts.

Gary Vee did 2000 free interviews generously on YouTube. That, my friends, is a high level of extreme generosity. Some interviews netted zero views, meaning he literally got nothing in return, viewer, traffic and profits-wise. But he kept doing the interviews. For free. Do you see why the guy is worth $160 million to $200 million now? He gave generously of his time and talents for years. Now, he sees his immense generosity reflected back to him as a massive fortune. Give freely. Leave mediocrity behind. Receive easily.

3: Double Down on Energy Work

I spent up to 4 hours daily doing Kriya yoga, meditating, power walking and doing yin yoga. Even though I feel incredibly passionate about blogging, in no way could I sustain my workload unless I energetically trained for 3-4 hours daily, because no one can stay awake until 3 AM to create their 14th blog post of the day based on sheer will power, alone. Burnouts and breakdowns would follow.

But doing more energy-mindset work AWAY from the laptop and phone gives you the energy, the stamina, the awareness and the focus to leave behind average and to become a star blogger who inspires the masses. Spend time going within. Change the without.


Do you fear following these tips? We all crave success but letting go mediocre for spectacular can feel uncomfortable and highly scary. Successful blogging is evolution. Evolving can feel maddening and quite frightening, sometimes. To that end, I wrote an eBook to help you conquer your fears. Like all of my 100 plus eBooks, it’s filled with practical tips and inspiration. Buy it here:

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