1 Confusing Aspect of Being an Expert Blogger


Expert bloggers earn their label from other human beings who call them an expert. I am not an expert because I deem myself an expert. People perceive me as an expert, call me an expert and I gain expert status….whatever that means. If you want to be an expert, spend thousands of hours mastering blogging. Do not call yourself an expert. Pure, 100% devotion to your blogging craft is the expert way. Do not brag about being an authority. Practicing makes bloggers, authority bloggers. Smart, generous, persistent work sends a loud, clear signal to readers; you know your blogging stuff inside-out so you are an expert in their eyes. Being an expert in their eyes grows your blogging business because readers buy stuff from experts and hire experts and promote experts, and endorse experts, too. Why? People trust experts.

But confusion abounds because most bloggers believe how you label self determines your expert status, when in reality, how other people perceive you makes you an expert. No human has control over another human’s mind. Good luck convincing someone of your expert status through mental brute force. Humans do have 100% control over how much they blog and your blogging energy-intent, and how much you blog (plus your blogging energy-intent) determines your expert status. I cannot force anyone to perceive me as an expert by simply deeming myself a blogging authority. But I can write oodles of helpful guest posts today to practice writing, to share value and to curry blogging favor in circles, inspiring people to perceive me as an expert. Big difference between the two; spewing hot air versus generously serving humans while mastering your craft.

Beware bloggers hellbent on telling you how much of an expert they are; not so secretly, these bloggers lack confidence, clarity, practice and skills, to be an actual, bona-fide, expert. I cannot recall when I last referred to myself as an expert because I am too busy serving people by publishing 10-14 blog posts daily, between blog posts and guest posts. Who the heck cares how you see me? You just want my blogging help. I just want to help you. I could care less about having my ego stroked. I do appreciate bloggers who see me as an authority but am completely detached from their opinion about me because I cannot control someone’s thoughts, so I cannot control my reputation. I only control how much I practice the skill of blogging and how much generous service I render. I devote 100% of my pro blogging energy to each task.

Cut through any confusion as a blogger. Devote yourself to your blogging craft. Get busy enough helping folks through blogging, guest posting and by promoting other bloggers that you have no time to add labels to your blogging status. Who cares? Labels stroke egos. Pros have little time if any to focus on self because pros are generous servants, focused on serving others. Observe how happy, heart-centered, successful pros are humble. I am clear, confident and trusting in self but have no shred of arrogance in me or delusion about what I do: I type words, speak at cameras and help people blog successfully. I have fun doing these things so I do these things a lot, so people perceive me as an expert blogger. No big deal. I live to serve. I sure do accept money and appreciate traffic but never get caught up in labels or outcomes.


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