Do Not Trust Blogging Fears


Most of all, do not trust your own blogging fears.

Fears are sneaky. Sometimes, you have no idea you fear something until an event triggers the fear. Wake up call. Truth sets you free but fear unlocks events unearthing the truth. Do not trust or honor blogging fears or else you struggle, fail and quit miserably. Nudge into fears. Feel these emotions, however unpleasant it feels. Release the emotions. Proceed to succeed. We all need to pay the fear piper anyway, eventually.

For example, imagine if you want to write and self-publish an eBook but fear nobody would buy it. You fear nobody trusts you enough to purchase an eBook from you. Successful bloggers feel each fear, and write the eBook, self-publishing the read. Failing bloggers trust each fear, never write the eBook, struggle and fail. Simple process to observe. But an uncomfortable process to hug because feeling fear and proceeding triggers more fears for facing and releasing.

Imagine writing and self-publishing your eBook. Sales grow slowly but steadily. Awesome. But negative reviews pop up. Some angry customers publish biting, nasty, 1 star reviews. Negative reviews trigger fears in your being. You fear what negative reviews will do to your sales, your reputation, your brand. But the way to greater blogging success is through these common fears. Do not trust each of the fears because success expands if you give all energy to fans and give no energy to critics. Fear dissolves. More traffic and greater profits flow your way. Why? You did not trust fear but also chose to do uncomfortable things that triggered more fears. Welcome to being a professional blogger…..or…..welcome to being an aspiring professional blogger.

Blogging is simple but feels highly uncomfortable sometimes. I spend a decent chunk of time and energy feeling fears, releasing fears and proceeding in more freeing, successful directions. The process is quite easy to understand but more uncomfortable to put into practice. Note; I did not say difficult to put into action, but uncomfortable. Difficult is trying to lift 10,000 pounds if you cannot lift a feather; physically impossible. Uncomfortable is facing, feeling and releasing fears so you trust your heart and do not trust your fears.

Remember; your fears are YOUR fears; you own fears and can disown fears at any time by moving in the opposite direction from what fear tells you to do. Everything is up to you. All is on you. But the process of owning, feeling and releasing fears to disown these energies feels emotionally messy at times. Hey; it happens. Join the blogging club. A few moments of feeling uncomfortable emotions opens you up to a lifetime of fun, freedom and liberation, as an established, pro blogger. Does eating a fear sandwich to NOT trust these energies feel well worth a few scary moments? You bet it’s worth it. But you need to commit fully to not trusting fear, in order to feel these unpleasant energies and to move in the opposite direction. Do it. Be all in. Increasing blogging success awaits you.

My advice is to spend more time in self help practices. Consider meditating. Explore yoga. Take time to follow a daily energy management ritual to gain an edge on your fears. Fears feel powerful but overcoming and disempowering fears feels easier and easier if you become fully aware of your fears and how these energies influence your blogging campaign.


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