Before You Ask for a Free Link on a Well Read Blog…..


Well-meaning bloggers often ask me for a free link on Blogging From Paradise. Guest post, sponsored post or link insertion, I appreciate value shared and resources tossed out there for my perusal. But before you ask for a free link on a well real blog, think about it; the well known blogger already has what you offer, and one million times more. I already have 3000 valuable blog posts on Blogging From Paradise. One more free, valuable post does not sway me. I already have oodles of valuable links out; I do not need one more, placing it for free. I do offer paid advertising services, though.

I built BFP up to a special blog with 50,000 plus backlinks, a DA well over 40 and yep, hefty traffic flows to my blog. You GET all of those sweet benefits with a free link on my blog. But what do you GIVE? I already have what you give; a special post. I published thousands of special posts. People pitch me special posts routinely. What you offer yields little value for me not because the post ain’t valuable, but because I already have what you offer, a million times over.

So, you have nothing to offer me but want a free link on a high traffic, respected blog with a DA well over 40, plus 50,000 backlinks, plus my blog appeared on multiple world famous sites. Does this trade seem a little one-sided to you? Sure it does. The trade is not even a trade worth pondering. Being a business person and savvy blogger who uses money to live a worldly life, I charge money for advertising on my high traffic, respected, high ranking blog. If you want a free link, please do not delude yourself into believing you can sneak a fast one past me. Thousands try. I appreciate the good will but ignore the delusion and explain how I offer premium services for my clients, along with prices.

I love you guys; because I love you, please be present as you read this post. Not in a million years would you ask for a free link unless you completely ignored the sound logic I used above. Smart, wise bloggers pay my fees and get the traffic and exposure my respected blog yields. Everybody else complains of not having a budget, and vanishes. Do you leave the grocery store after the cashier denies your request to get groceries for free? Do you exit the doctor’s office after you tell the doctor that you have no money to pay him for your visit, because you are on a budget?

Please, tell the bank that you have no money for making a mortgage payment because you do not have the budget for it. See how fast your butt gets kicked out of the house, and the crib falls into foreclosure. I do respect how, green, Oliver Twist link-seekers want free links and also know unless you have expansive pro blogger experience, you never think this way, but reading and processing this post ensures you either pay for guest posts, sponsored posts and/or links, or never ask for a free link. Everybody has the right to build a blogging business just like grocers deserve money for goods offered and lawyers deserve money for service rendered. Bloggers offer valuable, in-demand skills along with valued online real estate established over years if not decades. Either you pay money to access all those sugary sweet benefits of appearing on high traffic, high DA blogs with crazy high backlinks, or you do not appear on the blog. Never ask for free. I do not see a free ask as a waste of time because I advertise my eBooks link through all such emails, but the time you waste trying to get something for nothing moves you lower in blogging circles and farther away from success.


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