1100 Posts on Blogging Tips and Still Going Strong


I find it neat how bloggings seems a study in revealing my mental blocks to me. 4 years ago, I feared writing 1 post on Blogging Tips. Zac invited me to post here. But I feared writing and publishing the post for a host of reasons. Readers would not like my work. I was not good enough to guest post here. People would criticize my work. Nobody would read my guest posts, anyway. 1100 posts and 4 years later, I am still going strong. Why? Nobody puts a gun to my head and tells me NOT to guest post here daily…..so I just guest post here daily. Why not? Why would I NOT guest post on Blogging Tips daily? Am I a current day billionaire with my feet up on a beach in Fiji, sipping coconut shakes for 12 hours daily? Nope. Even if I did become a billionaire, I would likely guest post here from time to time because I love guest posting. Doing what I love means the world to me.

When I talk about being a generous blogging servant, this is what I mean. Writing and publishing 1100 guest posts on one blog is being a generous blogging servant. No way I could spend so much time and energy helping people for free unless I believed and lived the blogging advice I lob your way. I do promote one of my 120 plus eBooks through all guest posts here. But my intent is to help while being open to receiving money, versus an intent of trying to squeeze money through all guest posts. If my intent were to squeeze money through you guys, I’d have quit at 5 guest posts.

Help people generously. Serve genuinely. Do not play around when it comes to helping people for free. Be all in. Forget metering out help. Never be stingy. Never hold back. Zac even had to tell me to slow down a few years ago because I posted twice daily for a bit; he advised one post was enough. I began guest posting on other blogs to spread the wealth. Life is good if you are good to life. Blogging is good if you are good to blogging. Be good to blogging by helping people freely for many hours, every single day. Successful blogging is no imagined number but big numbers reflect the generosity of pro bloggers. Nobody pays me for publishing 1100 guest posts on one blog but the exposure, skills and credibility I gained in so doing amplified my blogging success. I do it because it’s fun, freeing, fulfilling and yes, to help you become a successful blogger. Why would I not guest post daily on a respected blog? Makes no sense to me. We have every opportunity on earth to seize and use for service. Gobble up blogging opportunities for service left and right to uncover the secret of blogging success.

Shift from self-service to service. Bloggers tend to publish a post mainly to see how the post serves them; checking profits and traffic stats obsessively is a massive, dangerous, self-service red flag. But publishing content with no attachment to traffic and profits is a service-shift guaranteed to bring you massive blogging success over the long haul. Falling in love with the process – not outcomes – helps you to be skilled, credible and pretty much everywhere in your niche. Being generous is the secret to gaining big time blogging exposure. I could have published 1, 5, 10, 100 or 1100 guest posts here. Everything depended on my generosity, my willingness to serve humbly. I went with 1100 guest posts because….why not?


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