What Is the Blogging Quantum Leap?


Bloggers make a quantum leap the moment bloggers shift from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking. Making this mindset shift literally transforms your entire world. Instantly. But making said shift requires digging deep into fears fueling scarcity thinking. Nobody enjoys feeling scarcity fears because people hate feeling broke, lacking or like everything appears to be running out. Who enjoys feeling money loss? No one, of course. But facing fear leaves fear in the rear view mirror, freeing you to think, feel and act like a whole, complete, successful, generous blogger.

Successful bloggers give generously, expect little or nothing, and profit handsomely. But the giving generously and profiting handsomely occur over thousands of blogging hours. No one succeeds overnight. No one gets rich fast. Good things take generous service, trust and time to manifest. The quantum leap moves you from focusing on scarcity, poverty, lack and limitation to abundance, wealth, riches and no limits. Peep any wealthy, happy entrepreneur to see abundance-thinking in action. One well known online entrepreneur did 2000 plus YouTube interviews before making it big. He generously helped 2000 YouTubers for free, thinking, feeling and acting abundantly. Obviously, he made the quantum leap from scarcity-poverty to generosity-abundance. Evidence of his quantum leap reflects back to him via his net worth of $150 million to $200 million. Bloggers want money but fear helping people for free, for 10,000 hours plus. Sure you make money online during 10K blogging hours and you may go pro during the 10K blogging hours but the biggest bucks, greatest influence, and most epic, scaled service, unfolds for bloggers who persistently help people for free, every day, for 5, 7 to 12 hours daily.

Pros do blogging business. While helping folks for free, paying clients and customers pad your pockets, freeing you financially. But never fall back into your stingy comfort zone. Keep giving freely or else you reverse direction. You know what I mean; you generously help bloggers, but when a client or 5 customers prosper you, it feels comfortable and quite easy to stop helping bloggers freely. In this moment, the quantum leap takers KEEP generously helping folks for free WHILE helping paying clients and customers. Every other blogger who had not made the quantum leap from scarcity to abundance simply spends all their blogging time helping clients and customers, then, takes the remaining 4 or 6 or 10 hours off, from blogging. But this poverty conscious lot could spend 10 hours helping bloggers for free. Choose. Decide. Making the abundance quantum leap feels uncomfortable at times but incredibly fun, freeing and fulfilling, mostly. Plus, worldly success accelerates for abundant thinking, feeling and acting bloggers. Follow their lead. Make the quantum leap.

Pay particularly close attention to successful, pro bloggers who give generously of time and talents. People who have every right to just coast into the sunset for years of generous service rendered but still serve enthusiastically, these are the blogging big dawgs to pay attention to. Pros who easily can kick their feet up to relax show you abundance in action by generously, patiently helping readers with free content for hours daily. This is the first generation of blogging billionaires out there. Study these future billionaires closely; see how they create and connect generously, daily, for 6 to 12 or more hours, daily? Respect their abundance quantum leap. Take one yourself.


Making the leap from scarcity to abundance feels highly uncomfortable at first. How do you deal with these uncomfortable emotions? Buy my eBook:

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