What Is the Biggest Benefit of Having Blogging Friends?


Blogging friends help you. Blogging friends do stuff for you to accelerate your success. Blogging friends endorse you, promote you and buy your stuff. Blogging buddies hire you. Blogging buddies do what buddies do to help you freely, not even thinking about it. Blogging friends do what blogging strangers never do. Like, strangers ask me for reviews, endorsements and testimonials. How can I offer my positive endorsement of someone I do not even know? Imagine a stranger walking down the street, approaching you, and asking you to endorse their skills in a particular area. Endorse them? How can you endorse them if you do not know them, their skills, their expertise, their delivery? You may as well endorse air. No one endorses strangers, but blogging buddies endorse blogging buddies. Friends help friends. Every other blogger stands on the outside, looking in, blogging solo, trying like heck to make inroads, struggling, compared to connected bloggers.

I endorse friends freely. But friends earned my trust by generously serving me, as I generously served these folks. Neither party had any agenda in mind, save making friends. We both know being connected accelerates blogging success but never befriend someone with the sole purpose in mind, being, to use them for our ends. Nope. Bloggers see through that manipulative approach a mile away. Befriend bloggers by helping bloggers. Ask for nothing. Earn trust. Trusted bloggers build huge, loyal friend networks. Trusted bloggers reap the sweet benefit of getting help, both passively/organically, or, via a detached ask, well into friendships. I may ask a friend for help now but only after months of generous service. 99.99% of the time, I ask no blogging buddy for anything because no one belongs to me and no one owes me anything. Service flows to me through organic means. Help flows to me through passive means. I need help and help is there. Help arrives before I need it these days but only because I generously dole out help and build my blogging buddy network daily.

Friends help you around the clock. Even if you do not ask friends for help, friends help you. Sweet gig. But service puts it all into action. Generously serving blogging buddies persistently forms bonds and guarantees long term service. The recipe is simple; give help with no strings attached and you get help before you even need help. But if you do not give help persistently, making friends and getting help is highly difficult. People ask me to review them on LinkedIn. Bloggers want my endorsement. But most are strangers who never helped me. How can I endorse a stranger? How can I trust them? How do they stand out from all other bloggers who approach me as a stranger, asking for help? I ignore these pitches because I have time only for generous friends and budding buddies who approach me with a servant’s heart. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give it to love and love grows as blogging success. Give it to fear (strangers asking to get, without giving) and fear grows as blogging failure.

All failing bloggers give attention and energy to fear manifest as strangers. All successful bloggers give attention and energy to love manifest as friends. Connected bloggers versus lone wolf bloggers, right? Give your heart to people who love you. Serve them. Make oodles of blogging buddies. Help will arrive well before you even need it. Service arrives well before required. Such is the greatest benefit of having blogging friends.


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