How to Build Blogging Momentum


Losing your blogging mojo feels bad sometimes. I know. Right now, at 6 PM, I am way behind on my blogging work. Perhaps a quick cup of coffee gives me an artificial boost but when outside sources of energy wear off, you find yourself stuck again. In these moments, knowing why you blog gives you instant momentum. I love living a life of fun, freedom and fulfillment. Immediately, I began writing this post. To heck with the Keurig….for a few more moments, at least 🙂 Begin with your fun, freeing driver to find your blogging mojo and to build your blogging mojo.

Revisit Your Driver

I blog for fun and freedom, plus, fulfillment. Quickly, I build momentum because I dive back into blogging, being goaded by these drivers. Remember why you blog. Hold the reason near and dear to your heart to gain serious blogging momentum, fast. Think about your family. Do you blog to spend more time with your fam? Do you blog to be a full time blogger who blogs from home? Hold these reasons close and build blogging mojo pronto. No one loses blogging momentum if they have fun, freeing drivers to goad them to begin blogging and to build blogging momentum.

Reduce All Distractions

I blog in a quiet, serene setting now. My home office offers zero distractions, pure concentration and a fabulous environment for building blogging momentum slowly, steadily and consistently. Humans give attention and energy to many duties at once and wonder why no momentum grows with any one activity. Give all of your attention and energy to one task: blogging. Watch how fast you build mojo through your blogging actions. A few minutes into writing this post I am about halfway through the piece. Why? Nobody and nothing pulls me away from the blog post. I turned my phone off. I closed the door. Me, my thoughts, this Chromebook and Google Documents exist right now. Nothing else matters. I plow through blogging work fast not because I hurry or force things, but because no distractions pull my attention and energy away from blogging. Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, my blogging momentum builds as I devote all of my attention and energy to blogging over a sustained period of time.

Work Off Of the Clock

I have no more than 20 minutes to write, proofread and publish this guest post because time seems in limited supply today. I walked earlier than normal but 2 Kriya yoga sessions, 1 yin yoga session and 3-5 blog posts await to be created, all before 1 AM to 2 AM, when I wrap up the day and go to bed. Giving myself a clear time block for completing work builds my momentum because I never mess around and lose mojo working against the clock. We need little nudges sometimes. Observing the tick tock of the clock goads you into momentum building action. Work off of a clock to get on purpose and to build your blogging mojo fast.


A high percentage of full time employee, part time bloggers have a terrible time building blogging momentum. Why? Part time bloggers usually think, feel and act like employees. Since blogging is nothing like having a job, failure results if you behave like an employee while trying to build a thriving blogging business. How do you get around this common error? I wrote an eBook to help you transition from employee to entrepreneur. Buy it here:

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