Pro Bloggers Never Work for Peanuts


I scanned a few emails o’ mine, moments ago. Yahoo. I always enjoy scanning Yahoo to recall where I was at one point of my life. Intentionally, I do not unsub from $1 survey services because between being amusing and enlightening, I remind myself never to work for blogging peanuts. 10 years ago, I lived in dire straits financially. Thinking like someone mired in poverty, I seized opportunities to trade 5, 10 or 20 minutes of my time for $1 USD. I would spend 20 minutes completing paid surveys for $1 dollar USD, receiving 1 dollar checks in the mail a few days, weeks or months later. Insane, right? No one makes a full time income believing 20 minutes of their time is worth $1 USD. No aspiring pro goes pro by trading 5 minutes of work for 1 dollar. Eventually, you run out of time, based on the average human life span.

Never work for peanuts or you never become a pro blogger.

How the process goes; work for free – for thousands of hours – to both develop your skills and to gain exposure. As you free-work, open multiple streams of blogging income. Charge premium, honest prices to receive money for both the quality free content and premium offerings you sell. Make money blogging. Real money. $7 per eBook versus 99 cents per eBook. $100 for 1 hour of blog coaching versus trading 1 hour of your time for a free consultation. $350 courses versus $1 for 20 minutes of work, survey completing. Make real money to become a real pro blogger. But all begins in mind. First, you face poverty-inducing fears. Feel. Release. Then, blog like an abundant person. Practice to improve skills and exposure. Open multiple streams of income. Charge 5 or 6 bucks for the valued eBook. Become an Amazon Associate to make 2 profits off of 1 sale. Charge handsomely for 1 hour or coaching or consulting. Be as generous with yourself as you are with your clients and customers to become a full time blogger.

Be with money fears to release these damaging energies. Pro bloggers do not think and act like amateur bloggers afraid to lose money. Pro bloggers think like pros and act like pros well before making money consistently. This is the trick. This is the rub. Do I sell 1 million eBooks daily, now? Nope. But I think, feel and act like a guy who sells 1 million eBooks daily, NOW, by linking to 1 eBook of my 126 through the 12 pieces of content I create daily. 12 different eBook promotions, of 12 different eBooks. Plus I promote another 10-20 eBooks via Twitter daily, in addition to promoting 1-2 different eBooks on Pinterest and Facebook daily. Do you see what I mean? I think abundantly, promote my eBooks freely and charge $7 to $20 USD for all eBooks, never working for peanuts, charging generous prices, to be a professional blogger.

If you feel uncomfortable reading this post, this is a good thing. I triggered poverty conscious fears in you. Buy my eBook to explore these energies:

Law of Attraction Series: How to Make Money

Be with fears. Feel money fears. Guaranteed, feeling money fears dissolves these energies. Dissolving the energies ensures you stop working for peanuts like $5 jobs for 20 to 30 to 60 minutes of work. Does 1 hour of your life seem worth 5 dollars to you? Please think long and hard before answering. Does packing thousands of words of genuine, successful, practical tips into an eBook, over hours of time, seem worth 99 cents, to you? Please, think this through before answering. Be as generous with self as you are with other bloggers.