How Do You Relate to Blogging Fear?


I recorded a video a few moments ago.

My topic affects all bloggers in some way, shape or form because success depends on how you face, feel and release blogging fears. Feel and release, to succeed. Avert and avoid, to fail. Simple to understand. But uncomfortable to put into action. How do you relate to blogging fear? Do you panic and bail on sound strategies the moment you face fear? Most failing bloggers spend a little time doing sound things like creating and connecting generously, but in the next moment, turn around and do dumb things like spamming and, flat out quitting blogging, for months at a time. How can you quit doing successful stuff for months and intend to succeed? Nobody avoids going to their job for 2 months and expects a paycheck. Expect to be fired.

But bloggers delude themselves into believing they can avoid fear and succeed. People panic and bail on doing successful stuff persistently for whatever fear fueled their panic, then, expect to get around the fear, and succeed. 100% of the time, success is impossible if you do not face fear because traffic, money and success sit on the other side of fear, and no traffic and no money sit in front of fear. Understand, guys? Ya gotta face, feel and release fear to be more free-free and to do success-promoting things. For example, in 2016, Zac Johnson asked me to guest post on Blogging Tips. Immediately FEAR flooded into my mind. I feared my writing was not good enough to guest post here. Even after he asked me to guest post here, I feared not being good enough. I feared failure. I feared criticism. I feared responsibility. I almost emailed him back with a polite decline. I formulated excuses in my mind. I would thank him for the opportunity but tell him I was too busy, or how the blog was not a match. But I sat with fears, felt the fears and guest posted anyway. About 1,100 guest posts later, guest posting on Blogging Tips accelerated my blogging success. But ONLY because I faced, felt and released deep, uncomfortable fears, regarding guest posting here.

Nudge into fear, guys. Be with blogging fears. Never turn around because fear grows and blogging problems get worse and worse if you avoid fear, avert fear and deny fear. Face the fear, feel it, release it and going forward, even if you sometimes make uncomfortable decisions, you experience greater success, fun and freedom. Everything happens the moment you face deep blogging fears and everything never happens if you do not face blogging fears. Simple equation but again, facing, feeling and releasing fear feels uncomfortable for most of us, if not all of us.

I know you’re up to it. But you need to take full personal responsibility for facing, feeling and releasing fears. Reading this post can give ya an inspirational jolt or nudge into feeling fears but ultimately, you decide to face, feel and release deep blogging fears. Everything is on you. Own this truth to be free of fear by developing a more intimate relationship with the energy.

Do you need a fear-facing guide to refer to, when blogging times get tough? Good news. I wrote one of my 100 plus eBooks to help you conquer fear. Fear seems daunting but reading the eBook gives you practical tips for relating to blogging fear – and life fear – in effective, skilled, fear-destroying actions. Buy it here:

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