Do You Need to Let Go a Bond?


One of the more challenging aspects of being a pro blogger involves releasing bonds to make room for new bonds. In essence, you had an awesome friendship but have only so much time, energy and focus to work with daily. Releasing bonds feels uncomfortable because you may enjoy blogging buddies but know release is imminent. Rest assured, wading through unpleasant feelings now pays immense returns long haul….but still feels terrible at times. Guilt, worry and criticism swim through your mind. Will the former blogging buddy feel offended? Will the former blogging buddy feel hurt? Does the individual seem sensitive to begin with? Will the individual look deeply into the split, analyzing the dissolution in great detail? Will the former blogging buddy genuinely trash you and your ethics?

The list can and does go on forever if you allow mind and fear to call the shots. But if not, you enter a new era of blogging, being poised to accelerate your blogging growth based on the freeing concept of release. I made wonderful blogging buddies over my decade online. But sometimes, it just felt like I needed to release someone in order to grow my blog quickly. I never deem these moments as being personal, for either me or my former blogging buddy. 100%, splits simply allow two parties to move in directions beneficial to both parties. Or in some cases, blogging buddies remain blogging buddies but dissolve some business partnership, podcast or other temporary agreement.

Remember; everything in blogging and life are temporary. Everything changes in time. Letting go of a blogging bond simply means change affects the friendship. Nothing personal. We grow apart online and offline. Friendships grow strong, then, dissolve. Natural progression. See the blogging niche being similar. More than a few times, I remain good friends with bloggers whom I temporarily did a little business with, whom I did interviews with and whom I came to some short term agreement. I release for the good of both parties, as do my fellow blogging buddies. Other times, some blogging bonds need to be released because friendships sour, and completely go south.

I recall a few former good blogging buddies who became combative, critical, angry and flat out nasty. I proceeded to block these individuals at every turn until the folks disappeared from my life. Letting go these folks was flat out easy because they became angry, enraged beasts or hyper critical fools who stuck around just to tell me my blog and eBooks sucked. Why be such tools, fools or idiots, needlessly criticizing someone when you could just stop following his blog? Especially if you claim the individual is your friend, right? Release these dingbats who befriend you and follow you around to criticize you needlessly. Nobody needs staunch critics in their lives because the addled, tortured souls of the world need to find peace of mind on their own, before peacefully interacting with the outside world.

Per usual, ramp up your blogger outreach campaign to replace released bonds with new folks. Hands down, meeting new bloggers by being generous is the quickest way to replace worn out friendships with new, exciting, prospering blogging friendships.

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