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Betcris’ Projections For All 50

Betcris’ Projections For All 50

Where Is Your State in the Process to Legalize Sports Betting?

The Supreme Court lifted
the ban on sports betting throughout America, but that does not mean that every
state is ready and willing to take that sports betting plunge today. Here is a
quick look at all the states in America, where they stand, and when you can
expect to start betting with Betcris.

Legalization of Sports Betting is Old News in Twenty-one
U.S. States

Twenty-one states have
legalized gambling in one form or another. Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware,
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire,
New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode
Island, Tennessee, Washington, Washington D.C., West Virginia. Excellent Work.

Every state is individually
responsible for and given the legal freedom to create its own rules for sports betting within their borders. A great example of this variation is the state of
Pennsylvania. The Keystone State state legislature voted to allow for full
mobile betting, but the state of Rhode Island allows partial mobile betting.
You need to know the rules in your state to understand if you can bet with Betcris or not.

Nine States Should Be Ready In 2020

In Florida, the legislature
is considering legalizing sports betting, Kansas is in
the same position, and Kentucky is also considering legalization. Louisiana
will need to put a referendum on the ballot to get legalized betting passed,
and Maryland already put the referendum on the November 2020 ballot.

Massachusetts is looking
into legalized sports betting. Missouri
and Ohio are in the same position, and Virginia has already passed the
legislation. The governor of Virginia needs to sign the bill into law.

Some States Are
Waiting Until 2021

Alabama might have a bill
passed in 2021, and Arizona is considering a similar rollout. These few states
feel unprepared to leap and leap quickly and need that extra bit of time. That
hat is why they are waiting until 2021 if the legislation is passed. California
would need to change the state constitution, and that will require the state to
wait until 2021 because tribes in the state currently control all the legal gambling

Connecticut needs to pass
legislation because they are in the middle of a pocket of legal betting states.
However, they have issues with tribal casinos just like California. They are
looking at legalizing mobile betting first.

Georgia has major sports teams that support legal gambling, and the state is getting pressure from the Falcons,
United, Braves, and Hawks to pass the bill as soon as possible. However, the
state is dragging its feet on this issue.

The governor of Maine
vetoed their bill, and it cannot be reintroduced until 2021. North Dakota and
South Dakota differ significantly. North Dakota has not even considered the
subject, but South Dakota has a referendum on the November ballot.

Texas is digging in its
heels as a “Bible Belt” state that will not allow gambling, and Vermont is
currently looking into the issue.

Will Some States Wait Until 2022 And

Alaska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wyoming, Utah,
Idaho, and Hawaii have not taken up this issue, and Minnesota is dealing with
tribal issues that would impact how the legislation could be passed. The tribal
casinos in the state are pushing back because they have control over the
industry and 11 casinos in the state.

Neighboring Wisconsin has the same problem, and
they might not be able to push legislation through because the tribal casinos
have lobbied hard to prevent an expansion of current gambling legislation.


Sports betting is legal in almost half of the
United States of America today, but that did not change overnight. Any state
that wants to pass legislation either must go to a referendum, change their
constitution, or fight the tribal casinos. You might want to consider traveling
to gamble if your state has not legalized physical gambling yet, or you can
help and encourage the local politicians that you believe will make it a priority.
If you truly want to bet on sports,  pick
up the phone, call your local lawmakers, and let them hear your voice.

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