Here Today Gone 2 Seconds from Now


I scanned an email in my spam folder a few moments ago. Someone promised me the secret to making $100,000 per month through an easy method unknown to most online entrepreneurs. I never heard of the stranger. No idea who he is. Since he is a stranger to me, I inherently do not trust him because he did not earn my trust by helping me, bonding with me and by gaining my credibility. What happens if strangers cold pitch you spam emails promising the secrets to $100,000 a month through some secret method? Immediately, any clear-thinking, sane human being does not trust the person and empties spam folders. Even worse; any time you happen to stumble across his name down the road, you still do not trust him.

Trust: here today, gone 2 seconds from now.

Imagine this guy. In one moment, he can begin building a bond with me by putting power and choice into my hands. How? Invite me to join your list, via a content rich blog post on your site, and I choose to get emails. I have the choice. I have the power. Now, he emails me value, influencing me to trust him more deeply. As I trust deeply, all grows for both parties. He has my trust. But imagine if he spammed me 10 emails daily promising 100 K a month in easy profits? One moment, he had my trust. 2 seconds from now, I never trust him again. All emails go to spam. He loses business. Do this enough, and he loses HIS entire business because trust is money, trust is business and lack of trust means no money and no business. One loses trust blindingly fast if fear goads your decision-making process. Now, you share value generously. Earning trust, people love the service you render. But in 2 seconds, if you make a low-energy decision to squeeze profits from people, trust vanishes. As trust vanishes, your site and business dissolves, too.

Re-brands follow. If you choose to re-brand, good luck starting again from a trustworthy energy. Google digs into the not too distant past with ease. Re-branding feels heavy, stressful and confining because you had awesome business prospects before making a foolish decision or two, dissolving reader, customer and client trust. Think of the dude who spammed me today. If he gave one second of thought to how most honest people perceive his approach, he would never email people in such fashion again. I never met the guy and he promises easy 6 figures a month? He lies. I cannot trust him. I avoid him like the plague. If 6 figures monthly is easy, we are all billionaire bloggers. But liars manipulate fear-filled fools, turning their greed, desperation and delusion against them. The fool lying to fools who believe lies simply create a retarding cycle regressing a hefty portion of the blogging niche.

Trust can be had in one moment and lost in the next moment. Allow love to rule your decision-making process. Allow generosity to dominate your mind. Let people make their own choices in regards to getting emails and the like. Put power in their hands to earn trust in their eyes. I offer generous value all day long through my posts and eBooks but people choose to read posts and buy eBooks. I put power in their hands which is why I earn the trust of my following. Also why I gain more trusting followers daily. Be generous, honest and helpful. Allow readers to make their choices. Blog with love. Gain trust.


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