Do We Know You Away from Blogging?


Look at the featured image for this post. Me in Doha, Qatar, 2016. I took a selfie beside the Persian Gulf. Look at those emerald waters, eh? I enjoyed my month in Doha. Do you know Qatar is the wealthiest nation on earth? Few citizens and massive wealth through natural gas deposits all allowed these people to prosper mightily. I observed a staggering number of rare, top flight super cars in Doha. We are talking high end Zondas, Ferraris and Porsches. 300 foot yachts, palaces, and pretty much anything Tony Starks, Bruce Wayne or Scrooge McDuck would buy to one-up the other.

Do you see how I became MUCH more than a simple blogger, by sharing these aspects from my life away from blogging? But most bloggers never do this. Most bloggers talk only about blogging, and making money online and practical business-building tips.How do you frame these bloggers? Of course, you see these folks as being one-dimensional, blogging-focused, lifeless machines. Imagine seeing a blogger talking only about blogging 100% of the time. You see them as not being human like you, with offline interests, and a life away from blogging, but as a mindless blogging automaton. Good luck trying to endear yourself to readers if you seem like a robot, not a human, to readers. People need some humanity out of you to connect with you. Readers need to know you are more than a mindless blogging machine, to make some connection.

I tend to talk blogging shop mostly but you also see my travel photos quite a bit. Makes me more human. You travel. Some, at least. We connect through this traveling commonality. Making this deeper connection allows us to bond. Bonding allows us to grow each other’s business. Makes me more successful as folks buy my eBooks and hire me because folks feel commonality with me. But everything happens because I share my life away from blogging sometimes. Gotta do it. Even if you talk blogging shop most of the time.

Share life away from blogging. Be a human. Allow folks to connect with you on a deeper level. Lighten up. Toss in a life post here and there; even if the life post deviates from your blogging niche. I blog blogging tips and travel blogging but shared the special life event of my marriage to Kelli on my blog. Human beings do stuff other than blogging. Human beings get married, have families and do all that stuff. Share that life away from blogging to endear yourself to fellow human beings who have lives away from blogging. Simple as pie. But not comfortable always, because you need to open up and be super transparent about your life. Some prefer building a special persona. Sharing offline life details makes you feel vulnerable if you emit a carefully crafted, blogging persona. Open up. Share. Sharing really is caring because sharing offline details shows more care for fellow human beings you connect with, by sharing offline details.

Be human. Share your humanity. Let’s see about your life away from blogging. Be more human and be more open to form deeper bonds with fellow humans. Observe how lightening up feels better and also accelerates your blogging success.


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