What Do You Give Your Blogging Energy to?


I give most blogging energy to promoting my 120 plus eBooks because my intent is to spread ‘em around the globe. Meaning, I spend most of my day promoting the eBooks through my blog, guest posting and social media marketing. Makes sense, right? But daily, I need to shore things up because I spot inefficiencies here and there. I scanned email a few moments ago. Spent a few moments responding to people. I tighten up replies daily because I intend to free up more time to promote my 120 plus eBooks. Every second I spend scanning and replying thru my inbox is one second I could use promoting valuable eBooks like this one:

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I need to schedule my blogging day to the minute because what I give my energy to ultimately dictates my level of blogging success. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Giving your attention and energy solely to one end allows that end to grow in terms of success. All grows according to how you allow it to grow, based on what you give your blogging energy to. But most bloggers spread out their energy to a wide range of social media activities, in addition to amplified email checking, monitoring phones and doing non-blogging stuff like cruising the web for extended periods of time.

Imagine if you want to promote your eBooks, primarily. Cool. You intend to give your blogging energy to promoting your eBooks through blogging, guest posting, social media, video and podcasting. Great. Spend all day – or virtually all day – creating rich content across those channels and dropping a link to one of your eBooks. But you begin your day spending 30 minutes scanning and replying to 10 emails. Huh? Scanning and replying to emails for 30 minutes is NOT spending 30 minutes creating rich content and linking to eBooks. Even worse, you follow up the email odyssey by replying to Tweeters for 30 minutes. Why? Follow up by responding to Facebook folk for 20 minutes. Super; you spent 80 minutes doing stuff that was NOT creating rich content and promoting your eBooks.

Then, at the end of the month, you wonder why you sold so few eBooks. Easy; you give your blogging energy to activities other than creating rich content and promoting eBooks, and since where your attention and energy goes, grows, those activities and results grew, but your eBook sales did not grow. At the end of the day, blogging success or failure is on you and your prime blogging intent because you decide what you give your blogging energy to, and, for how long, and, you choose if you offer generous or stingy energy to the activities.

Even if you have multiple income streams – and you should – you better focus on one core income stream to promote, to gain traction through that channel. From there, everything expands but only if you give most of your blogging energy to the task every single day. The best way to make money blogging through one income stream is to create rich content and to link to that premium product or service, all day long. Toss in generous networking with niche bloggers to amplify your reach and to tap into the power of community. But simply giving most if not all attention and generous energy to working that channel – by creating rich content – is the way to increase cash flow through that channel.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

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