Facebook and Instagram just made high-reach accounts a little more transparent


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Facebook is making a push to increase the information you can see on posts from high-reach Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.

If you follow an account with a large audience, you’ll now be able to see right on each post where the creator of the account is primarily based and the country where the majority of their followers are based.

Facebook is piloting the feature in the U.S., starting with Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts based outside of the country that reach large audiences primarily located in the U.S.

“These changes are part of our broader efforts to protect elections and increase transparency on Facebook and Instagram so people can make more informed decisions about the posts they read, trust and share,” the company shared in a blog post.

How it appears on each Facebook post.

How it appears on each Facebook post.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because the feature was originally introduced back in 2018 on both platforms.

On Facebook, users are already able to see the primary location of the Page manager, to give them a better idea who is running it. 

Meanwhile, on Instagram, the “About this Account” feature allows users to see additional information about popular accounts, including the country the account holder is based in, along with date joined, former usernames, ads they are running, and more.

What it looks like on Instagram.

What it looks like on Instagram.

But until now, that information was only accessible on the actual Facebook Page or Instagram profile. 

To help minimize the steps involved in gauging the authenticity of whomever you’re following, you can now check this information right from your feed in real time.

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