Be Picky About Your Blogging Business Partners


Blogging offers you fun, freedom and a full time business opportunity if you carefully select how you make money online and who you do business with. Being picky with blogging business partners ensures you are 100% on the same wavelength. We toss this idea around freely. People need to be on your wavelength and vice versa for a blogging business partnership to yield delicious, profitable fruit. But what does this statement really mean?

In essence, being on the same wavelength requires a high amount of scrutiny, clarity and yes, pickiness. Here’s why; if you want to help people and make money through some partnership, both parties need to think, feel and act the same way through virtually all aspects of the business campaign, from creating, launching, pricing, literally, everything. If not, simply agree to move in another direction, for the sake of both parties. Never ever, is this anything personal. I love all folks I ever did any sort of business with. Moving in different directions or not going into business with a person you deeply trust has nothing to do with trust but has everything to do with vision.

For example, imagine if you want to create and launch a blogging eBook fast. 2 or 3 blogging buddies intend to co-author the eBook with you but wish to slowly, deliberately, drip out the launch. Both strategies work exceedingly well. Neither strategy is right or wrong, good or bad. But going into business with fellow bloggers by intending to co-author and sell an eBook demands everybody to firmly and definitely decide on a publish date, a launch date and other clear dates, to move the project along. All of my peace of mind, happiness, success, generosity, inspiration and freedom comes from creating stuff calmly, patiently, deliberately but very, very quickly. I create slow and relaxed for me, based on my stable, poised, balanced, confident, posturing vibe, but this appears super fast to the rest of the world, in most cases. Knowing this, I can only engage in short or long term business partnerships with bloggers who create and launch from the same vibe, the same wavelength, going slowly and calmly for us, but, fast and focused, to the rest of the world.

Being picky ensures all parties clearly know how business will proceed so every partner makes a full time commitment to building massive energetic momentum behind the offering. Being picky is simply being clear, honest and truthful with all people involved. Either you have a match and proceed with the partnership successfully, you do not agree and do not proceed with the partnership, or you proceed with the partnership without having a firm, perfect match, and the partnership gracefully dissolves. In all cases, no big deal. Blogging – and life – is a series of experiences for your advancement, learning and growth. No clinging. No judgments. But do be quick to spot folks both on the same wavelength and not on the same wavelength to make effective use of your blogging time. Many people pitch me many opportunities but since I’ve a clear vision and know what works for me, I easily see most opportunities and folks are not on my wavelength, just like I am not on many folk’s wavelengths, business and opportunity wise. Nothing personal. No big deal. Simply a matter of resonance here.


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