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There are loads of web hosting providers that claim they are the best. You will never truly know if you haven’t tried them yet.

Web hosting is critical to your website’s success as it affects every aspect of your site.

If your web host provider is unreliable, it will trigger a negative domino effect on the rest of your site.

For example, if it’s slow or not responding, visitors won’t stay for too long causing you to lose readership which can then affect the number of sales or conversions that you will get.

But problems do arise. And one of the key factors of a great WordPress hosting is good customer support, which can help you solve your issues as fast as possible.

How do you really find a WordPress hosting that will cater to all your needs? And what criteria should the hosting have to be called as one of the best WordPress Hosting Support you can find?

Let’s find out below!

Criteria of Good WordPress Hosting Support

Criteria of Good WordPress Hosting Support

Having the best WordPress hosting isn’t always about having the best hardware and servers.

Most of the time, it’s the know-how and human touch that customer support brings to the table.

Good customer support is important in all industries. And you will know how painful it is to an unreliable customer who fails to help you.

This is where a hosting provider goes from good to best: efficient and reliable customer support.

Below are reasons why you need to consider support as one of the most important variables when choosing a WordPress hosting provider for your site:

Available 24/7

If you’re having issues with your WordPress site, you want a fix for it, no questions asked.

The hosting should be aware of the importance of having your site up and running at all times as possible, so being able to reach out to them should be part of their core support service.

See the types of customer support and platforms they used to help their clients.

While most WordPress hosting providers are available 24/7, a lot of them limit the times when their live chat is available.

Sometimes, web hosts can only be reached through email. It can be a problem when you only need a simple and quick solution.


Customer support spends all day helping customers troubleshoot their website hosting. And they are expected to understand the know-how of the product their handling.

If necessary, they should be able to walk you through the intricate steps of web hosting and how you can navigate through it properly.

Check out how HostNine handled a client of theirs. It was going great at first but ultimately; they were unable to help and caused their client to lose their website permanently.

Read reviews and avoid providers them like the plague.

Customer support must know what they’re talking about. They shouldn’t just throw your links to pages in their knowledge base if you have problems.


It’s not common for customers to be irate and disgruntled whenever they are reaching out to support. And the last thing they need is sassy support who talks back at them.

A web hosting with a friendly and empathetic customer support team not only diffuses the situation but also finds a solution to any problem.

Hosting Canada had a bad-experience with talking to GoDaddy’s robot-like support.

Be sure to avoid sites like this. Look for a responsive live chat that you can chat anytime. It’s always overlooked but try to do a chat with them before you purchase.


Customer support that goes the extra mile is one reason that makes the customer loyal.

They will anticipate problems before they arise and suggest them to you when needed. You won’t even realize it but will probably benefit from their proactiveness.

Being proactive also shows how knowledgeable they are of their product and you can rest easy that your website is in good hands.

Try out how the customer support of the WordPress hosting you are eyeing. It may be best in terms of products, and services, but the support can fail you.


Some web hosts are good at one thing and so-so on another. Finding one that’s perfect for your needs can be a challenge.

Luckily, we found that Bluehost web hosting checks all the boxes above as far as having great customer support is concerned.

Make sure not to settle with the cheapest as the low price can come with headaches that aren’t really worth it.