1 Way to Be Less Dependent on Blogging Clients


I do a little bit of coaching, consulting and freelance writing. Why? I prefer passive income channels like selling my eBooks. But even better; I enjoy helping clients but equally enjoy not being dependent on clients for blogging profits. Who likes being attached to another human’s whims, wills and pinings, for their livelihood? This is sheer madness. People change minds with the wind and change their feelings more frequently. Imagine a client who runs into financial issues because of some money fear. Does it make sense to base a chunk of your blogging income solely on their fears? Terrible idea.

I detached from clients and became way less dependent on them for my blogging income by opening multiple streams of income through my blog that have nothing to do with clients. I sell eBooks, courses, audio books and paperbacks to drive passive income to me around the clock. Plus, I keep opening income streams to be less attached to both clients and to any one income stream. Observe my eBook:

15 Ways to Make Money Blogging

I share 15 ways to profit through your blog. Imagine slowly, steadily adding 1-2 income streams every 1-3 months. Do you feel like you would be dependent on a single client or even multiple clients if you made money through 5, 10 or 15 blogging income channels? Or more? Seeing cash flow in through many passive income streams frees you from clients, their whims and from working on a set schedule. I deeply trust my clients and render generous service but do not depend on any human being for blogging business, profits or money because humans are fallible, apt to change and are….human….as the saying goes. But my passive income channels are true. I promote my eBooks, courses, audio books and paperbacks to sell each. Plus the more income I generate through sponsored posts, paid links and paid guest posts opens 3 more income streams to my other established channels. True; humans do buy my passive income stuff, but I am not dependent on receivables, time elements or any binding factors. People buy. I get my commissions monthly.

How can I feel dependent on and attached to clients through my freelance writing, coaching and consulting channels if I profit through eBook, audio book, paperback, course and Amazon Associates aka affiliates passive income channels? The more channels you open, the less dependent you are on any one channel and the more money you make. Never put your blogging business eggs in one basket. This is madness. Imagine running a blog coaching business based on a single, blog coaching stream. One client shows up and you become so dependent on and attached to this client because he-she seems to be the source of your income, that you trip over yourself to make them happy and treat your gig not like a business, but like an adoring, attached fan worshipping a star. Seriously; even if you build a thriving blogging business through one channel, you will make much more money and impact more lives through 15 or 20 or 25 income channels. Plus you profit from a peaceful, relaxed, detached space. Perfect way to free yourself through your pro blogging career.

Love your clients. Serve generously. But never be dependent on these folks. Detach from them by slowly and steadily adding passive income streams to your blogging business. Write and self-publish eBooks. Create courses. Convert your eBooks to audio books and paperback. Guaranteed, being abundant by opening more income channels helps you make more money but also lends you greater peace of mind.

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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog, courses and 100 plus eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.