One Huge Block to Blogging for Money


The biggest problem bloggers face in the make money online department is ceding complete responsibility for their financial gains or losses. Making money online when you appear to be broke totally messes up your mind. Bloggers who have little money make the critical error – most bloggers, at least – of being stingy, holding back and demanding payment for past content created. Imagine publishing 500 posts on your blog while working with an uber tight, life budget. Times seem tough. Times seem tight. Being a little North of broke, you try to make money online by squeezing as much profits as possible through those 500 posts published on your blog. But if you know anything about money, fearing brokeness and trying to squeeze cash out of old creation emit a loud, clear, financial signal: I am broke, I feel broke, I fear going broke and I am poor. Guess what happens? Poor vibes bring material poverty.

Own this mental block to be free of poverty conscious leanings. Nobody profits thinking like a broke person. Matters not if you work super hard for 19 hours daily if you predominantly fear losing money and feel super broke. Brokeness ensues. Poverty ensues. But feeling your fear of losing money – no matter how unpleasant – fuels you for a long, generous, trusting blogging journey because clearing fear makes room for love, generosity, abundance and trust. Picture a mental block to money – filled with fear – dissolving into love-generosity and service. Instantly, helping more people for free positions you to help more folks for pay through your skills, exposure and credibility increase. But facing your fear of going completely broke and drinking up this emotion intimately is the way to go from broke blogger to more prospering blogger. Every blogger needs to journey through money fears to create riches. No way around this truth.

Making money online requires you to face this broke-block, to feel it and to release the fear, to proceed from an abundant-openness, a generosity you need to display, to prosper. Beware people around you living an eternal broke-block cycle, seemingly. Having faith in being a blogging millionaire before you become a blogging millionaire triggers fear-filled, poverty conscious types who tell you that you are nuts, irresponsible, struggling, deluded, and whatever range of fear-pain emotions travel through addled, burdened minds, fixed solely on illusion-fear, versus seeing reality-love-abundance. Your only choice is to have compassion for these folks but to release these folks, as you proceed on your journey. What if these folks happen to be family? In terms of the husband-wife deal, assess the strength of your bond and the direction of your vision. In most cases, strong bonds and clear, joint visions seem to pull folks through. But in other cases, make hard choices. Intuitively, you know what to do.

Release negative-nelly relatives who adopt not your prospering, abundant vision. Ditto for friends. Surround yourself with folks who appreciate you, uplift you, support you and tell you the truth. Keep these loving friends and family near and dear to your heart to dissolve the broke-block, to clarify your vision and to ride out the blogging journey as you evolve from BEING a successful, pro blogger into BECOMING a successful, pro blogger. See abundance. Be grateful. Generously serve bloggers. Guest post for any respected blogger in your niche who invites you to guest post. Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote other bloggers on social media. Promote other bloggers on your blog. These are the secrets to prospering as you hold a rich, dream image of your life, amid the illusion of poverty, scarcity and loss.

All the mental gymnastics you do now create a brilliant future for you down the road. Never ignore this basic truth of life. See riches amid the appearance of poverty. Feel abundant in the midst of scarcity. Blogging success will be knocking on your door soon.

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