Pay Close Attention to Blogger Responses and Replies


Sometimes, I meet awesome bloggers. Fabulous folks. I love ’em. But these bloggers vibe a bit too much from fear and attachment. I know. Not only do I feel it; I see it in blogging behavior. Why? Bloggers ignore my replies, do not pay attention to my responses, and keep asking me or replying like someone who did not receive an answer. I *did* offer an answer to the question. But, being attached to me, my blog, my name, or to your idea, you ignore my reply, pay no mind to my response, and keep asking or emailing or requesting or whatever it is, that you do.

Guys; I love you deeply. I respect how sometimes, being human, you skip over an email, miss a detail or do not note how I replied, responded and answered a question. But if you keep emailing or messaging me after I replied with a clear and definite answer, and you continue to ignore the answer, you risk alienating me. I never take things personally. I do however run a tight schedule. Being scheduled to the second or minute, I have literally zero time or energy to read emails/messages from folks who do not read prior replies. Eventually, I cease following threads all together because you lost my attention. Why? You did not *pay attention* to my prior emails/messages. Pay attention to me and I pay attention to you. Respect my time by reading my emails – trust me, only 1-2 sentences because I have no time for anything more – and I respect your time by reading your emails. But if you do not respect my time by not reading and processing my emails, I cannot respect your time by reading and processing your emails. Simple equation

Sometimes, language barriers exist. I respect that. But even if English is not your first language, please use Google translate to fully understand my replies. This is the fun, freeing way to build networks, to make friends with pro bloggers and to keep moving higher in blogging circles.

For example, bloggers sometimes offer me opportunities or things to benefit me. I genuinely appreciate these offers but sometimes turn ’em down because I have 1000 things to do daily. I can only choose a few out of thousands of people who pitch me, over the years. Imagine me writing someone this phrase:

“No need to send your list buddy”.

After you ask me if you want to send me your list. Done. I do not want your list. My reply proves this truth. But if you keep messaging me asking me if you want to send me your list, after I replied with the fact that I do not want your list, I cannot read your future emails. Why? Respect my time and replies and I respect your time and replies. But if you do not respect my time and I replies, I need to release you. I luv ya, think you rock and wish you the best but I cannot do business with or connect deeply with bloggers who ignore my emails. Or, who do not use Google translate to understand my emails. Capiche? Good.

Note; this post example is never personal, as I have zero issues with bloggers. I love you guys. But I wanted to share an explicit example to clearly show you mistakes made as you try moving higher in blogging circles.


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