Carry Blogging Water Chop Blogging Wood


One of my favorite stories about enlightenment relates to the blog post title. Wise folks proclaim how before enlightenment, simply carry water and chop wood. After becoming enlightened, simply carry water and chop wood. No big deal. Even though you see clearly and seize truth instantly and live from love, being virtually void of fear, being enlightened is no big deal, no massive feat, no achievement or accomplishment, really. Carry on living life like prior to this event. Simply carry water and chop wood. Rote physical actions continue to be rote physical actions.

Successful blogging is no different. I wrote posts, published posts and networked generously before becoming a pro blogger. I write posts, publish posts and network generously after becoming a professional blogger. Simple, basic fundamentals here. No big deal. I did not stop posting to blogs after becoming a pro because posting to blogs remains the same during amateur and professional days alike. My writing skills improved. I learned a thing or a billion along the way. I got clearer. I became more generous. But nothing changed in terms of sitting down to a laptop, spotting your problems and solving your blogging problems through blog posts, guest posts and videos.

Carry blogging water. Chop blogging wood.

What problem plagues most amateur bloggers? Amateurs do not understand how little to nothing changes process-wise, after going pro. Make more money. Go pro. Drive more traffic. Be successful. But the blogging process of listening to readers, spotting problems, solving problems by writing posts and doing so routinely never changes from amateur to professional blogging days. Blogging is a simple process. Create. Connect. Succeed. Staying true to simple processes for many hours facilitates your pro blogging career. But amateurs believe pros engage in complex, spectacular methods either before or after going pro. Not true. No pro succeeds doing complex because complex dissolves power. Simple builds power. Pros gain power by doing simple things daily to help readers.

Idiotic pros brag about being pros. Fools boast, then get roasted because twice the pride, double the fall, as Count Dookoo said. I barely note how I circled the globe for 9 years through blogging, living in Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica, all brilliant spots. Why? My selfies tell enough stories plus I cannot talk about you and help you and address your problems if I talk about myself all day long. Plus, I’d be a moron for bragging about helping people and going pro and living a movie-worthy life because I am humbled and grateful for this life. I feel appreciative and want you to come along for the ride, or to live your dreams, which is the opposite energy from a bragging, boastful blogger who wants to shove this life down your throat, like I am superior or something insane that conceited people think.

I love you guys. I humbly serve you. Being a pro reveals you become even more of a humble servant as your responsibility increases. Knowing this, you have no choice but to keep things simple because you waste too much time, energy and work, otherwise. We all need to enjoy life offline after going pro and after professional responsibilities increase.

I am not doing anything hyper sexy this Sunday afternoon. Just writing a guest post on Blogging Tips to help you….as I have almost daily, since 2016. Carry blogging water, chop blogging wood.


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