Take My Blogging Advice or Leave My Blogging Advice


One of the most painful but freeing blogging lessons involves offering blogging advice from a take it or leave it approach. Think about it. How many times have you offered knowledge from an attached energy? We always seem to warn bloggers, to demand they trust us and to do all we can to guarantee people listen to us. If not, woe to them. They make a BIG mistake not listening to us. Because we know what works. And people need to follow what works or suffer the consequences. Now, imagine how many minutes, hours, days and weeks you wasted trying to force people to listen to you and to follow your advice. Sobering, eh? Drilling deeper, how many hours did you spend offering advice and moving on immediately, no thoughts of manipulating people dancing around in your mind? Ouch. Wake up call.

My approach; take it or leave it. I wasted hours trying to force people to follow me and my advice. But I discovered no one can force people to do anything. No one controls people’s thoughts. I cannot force someone to do anything, any more than I can force the sun to rise. Every human has the right to choose. We have power to decide. If someone takes or leaves my blogging advice it matters not to me. I do not care. I do not need anyone. I do not need love or criticism or business from anyone. I offer advice. Take it. Or leave it. You choose. I enjoy spreading love and sharing blogging help but never force someone to receive and use the love-help because I do not need them, and they do not need me. Adopting this approach freed me to be more prolific, generous and successful. I never attach to one person. I keep helping more people.

Of course, more and more folks take my advice but many do not take my advice, too. Makes no difference to me. I help folks. I show love. I BE generous. Success expands because blogging success is an inside job based on your mind and energy. Blogging success is not an outside job based on fear and manipulation. Forget trying to manage or influence your blogging reputation. No one controls people’s thoughts. Since reputation is what people THINK of you, you cannot control their thoughts, or, what they think of you, or, your reputation, in their eyes. Simply do good, spread love and success becomes yours. Plus you feel peace of mind as your blogging success expands. Take it or leave it.

Surrender the need to be heard. Let go the need to be loved. Forget about the need to be popular. People will ignore your blogging advice. Some doubt it. Some hate it. That’s their choice, not your lack of brilliance. Their choice, nothing to do with you and your truth, generosity and knowledge. Let them go. Allow them to take your advice or leave it. Respect all by granting them the power of choice. Get busy moving on to the next person, the next guest post and the next chapter in your blogging life.

Take it or leave it. I do not need anything from you so I honor you with respect enough to let you decide. Make your own choices. Allow readers to choose. Do not manipulate people with fear nor control with convincing. Use power, not force, to accelerate your blogging success and to cultivate peace of mind.


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