1 Foolish Mistake Even Successful Entrepreneurs Make


I received a LinkedIn message from an allegedly successful entrepreneur a few moments ago. He seems like a nice guy. But he sent me the 2nd – or 3rd – unsolicited message for some webinar or seminar or something I could care less about, and his only avenue-gateway is the fact we are connected on LinkedIn. Like, not only were the messages completely unsolicited, I never shared an update or post or video or anything suggesting I am remotely interested in his webinar or seminar or whatever he keeps sending to me. Successful, even world renowned, entrepreneurs, can be good people, kind and generous, but none are immune from being utter fools from time to time. The nice dude who LinkedIn Messaged me today experienced a foolish moment. I hold it not against him. But I do make a lesson out of he, and his common error.

NEVER send someone unsolicited emails, Messages, DMs or social media comments. NEVER, EVER make someone’s decision for them because this idiotic error eats into your business. I muted future messages from this guy because I sense his desperation, lack of clarity, lack of focus and fear. Human beings only publish unsolicited messages from energies of fear because intuitively, we know to only message people with content and opportunities the person proved interest in, through prior interactions. Now, this dude is muted. Not good. He wastes energy messaging me on LinkedIn because I muted him. But imagine all those fools – successful and not – whose unsolicited emails I label as junk or spam, via my Gmail? Yikes. Eventually, after enough people spam-junk their unsolicited pitches aka spam emails, every single one of their emails goes to spam. Even if a successful marketer makes oodles of dough through email marketing now, they will eventually make zero dollars or a few bucks through email marketing when all of their emails go to spam. Guess what? 100% of the time, it is their fault, because they allowed their fear to influence them, to make the foolish mistake of sending unsolicited emails to people who could care less.

How to Do it Right

Observe this guest post. You, wanting blogging tips and tips for making money online, clicked the title and read the guest post. 100%, this is a SOLICITED approach because, literally, you asked for it, by clicking the title and by choosing to read the post. Now, when I promote my eBook for not wasting time online, I have your explicit permission to promote the eBook, and I give you the choice to click that link or to not click that link. I allow the choice to be in your hands. Now, some of you click the link and some buy the eBook because hey, we all want to avoid wasting time online, right? You get an awesome solution. I make money online. THIS is how to build your business, generously, intelligently and ethically. Versus stupidly sending unsolicited messages to people who don’t want what you have to offer.

I promote the heck out of myself but I have every right to promote myself as long as I put the power in your hands by ensuring all content I create is solicited. From there, you choose what to click, what to buy and all that good stuff. You tell me what you want. I create the content and eBooks to give you what you want. I never send unsolicited pitches for anything. I target. You get what you want, based on your requests, choices and decisions, and we both prosper as I profit. Give people the power of choice. Never make decisions for them.

About the Author

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog, courses and 100 plus eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.