Trash It or Try It?


As I promote my eBook:

Why Trashing 3400 Blog Posts Was My Greatest Blogging Success

I ponder the idea of release and blog posts. Should you trash specific blog posts? Or should you try to drive traffic through these offerings? Intuitively, you always know. But fear tries to prevent you from making a clear, bold decision. Bloggers often fear trashing old blog posts for fear of losing potential traffic and potential profits. But what about the people you turn off by clinging to old, worn out, dated blog posts? 15 years from this calendar date, your wild rant about a global pandemic wiping out civilization 2 weeks into mass spread in the USA will make you look like a nut bag loon. Do you really want to try driving traffic through a useless, worthless, dated post, totally topical, and yes, the rantings of a mad blogger….at the time, at least?

Of course you should delete old, worn out blog posts. But sitting with fear indicates a very real, genuine sensation of loss in so doing. People emailed me in desperation when I wanted to trash 3400 blog posts, a blog and a brand. I intuitively knew all served as anchors, and needed to go. But some desperately emailed me, begging me to hold on to the posts. I saw how their fear of loss manifest as poor blogging advice. So I rejected their pleas and deleted all the blog posts. Never looked back, either. Everything took off because I faced, felt and released the anchor of fear holding me back. I had to let go the old and worn out to make room for the fresh, new and exciting.

In most cases, trash blog posts. Guaranteed, feeling urges to trash old posts indicates you need to trash the blog posts. In a few cases, perhaps you want to delete something that needs to stick around long term. Only you have the answer. But drilling deeper, the only way to trash something is to trash something. Hit the delete button. Even if doing so feels scary, and downright horrifying, tapping the delete button gives you confidence, courage and full clarity in harnessing your power of release.

What blog posts seem dated? Trash these suckers. What blog posts tackle issues no longer pressing in your mind? Trash these posts. What posts seem uncomfortable to keep live, but, you intuitively know, you need to keep live, because said posts benefit your readers from an evergreen perspective? Keep these posts. We all feel embarrassed sometimes by old blog posts. Maybe your skills were not quite what you possess, today. Guilty as charged. I sometimes cringe reading old blog posts, scanning old formatting and observing my old delivery. But if content benefits my readers, I keep it, until the content no longer benefits my readers. Try it. Keep the content around. When it feels ready to release you simply trash the blog post. But until then, be at peace holding on to a blog post that helps you get clear on shame and that helps your audience in some way, shape or form. Win-win scenario here.

Letting go precedes growing. Never forget this basic law of life. All great progress involves letting go what does not work to make room for what works. Does this process feel seamless and painless? Absolutely not. Suffering arises. Be with all emotions arising as you let go. Feel the energies. Clear the fear. Thank yourself down the road, when you no longer burden yourself with the anchor of heavy, old, worn out blog posts. Bloggers only sprint forward by releasing what holds them back.