Do You Subtract to Add to Save Blogging Time?


I do something super neat daily. I subtract to add. Example; I subtract the words I use in email. 2-3 words, or maybe 10 words, per email. Subtracting words subtracts time per email. I get in and out of each email in a few seconds. All the time I subtract aka save on checking and replying to email I use to enjoy offline watching Netflix, or writing one more guest post today. I add Netflix time by subtracting email time. I add guest posting time by subtracting email time. I spend more time circling the globe by using few words on social media. Subtract social media time. Add time to travels. Subtract, to add.

How can you subtract time online? How can you subtract to add, to save blogging time? Honestly assess your blogging campaign. What actions seem to eat up way too much time? No doubt, checking social media and email via phone eats up WAY too much of your blogging time daily. Begin subtracting time spent checking social and email and also, subtract more time by using 1-2 words to respond to all emails and social media chats. Perhaps use 5 words. Subtract word usage. Subtract time. Then, you can add that time to other blogging tasks, like say, writing and publish 1 more blog post or 1 more guest post. Subtract a little bit. Add a little bit. Spend less time doing something blogging-wise to add time, then, to save blogging time.

All types of bloggers complain about not having enough time to write and publish 3 blog posts weekly. But 100% of these bloggers could easily subtract 1-3 or more hours weekly through wasted blogging actions, in order to add time to writing and publishing posts. Save time blogging by knowing what to subtract, and, what to add. Be ruthless. I rarely use more than a few words these days. I have no luxury to use more than a few words thru email and social media interactions. Minutes subtracted add up to hours, days and weeks added, over years, to whatever blogging action I intend to allow, to expand. 10 minutes you save on email today by subtracting words and time equals 10 minutes you can use to write 2/3 of a 600-800 word blog post. Subtract. Add. Save. You choose.

Every time, you choose how to blog and how to spend blogging time. Wade into uncomfortable emotions. Feel these energies. Bloggers often fear responding in 2-3 words to emails for fear of being perceived of being rude, nasty, blunt or brusque. I see responding in 2-3 words as being respectful of time, clear, on purpose and as busy as 10,000 ants moving a cartoon picnic for the length of a soccer field. Yeah; that busy. I see things that way because I hold not an intense fear of being criticized. That’s my deal. I also know respecting my time and your time is not being rude, but showing love.

Subtract to add. Be ruthless and hyper focused on blogging actions. Running a bit behind during a busy blogging day today. I need to subtract a few words from this blog post to add words somewhere else; maybe to the next guest post. The process feeds on itself as I save time through subtracting and adding words. Do you see how neat this time-saving tip is, yielding oodles of blogging time through subtraction, then, addition?


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