1 Confusing Reason Way I Built 1000 Backlinks in 21 Days


March 5th: 53,900 backlinks.

March 26th: 54,981 backlinks.

I built over 1000 backlinks in 21 days. But did I really do it? Nope. Hundreds of blogging buddies and dear readers helped me do it, by approving my guest posts, by offering me guest posting rights aka publishing rights, and by approving my blog comments. In essence, we did it. But it goes deeper than teamwork making the dream work. MUCH deeper.

I did not build the links in 21 days. On paper aka screen, I did. But the skills I developed to be able to reach these heady numbers required 15,000 hours work of blogging. Like, I blogged for 15,000 hours and became so skilled at guest posting and blog commenting that the links piled in stupid fast, because I guest post 5-6 times daily and also, comment a wee bit daily too. This confuses most bloggers because you have new bloggers out there with 12 hours of experience who want to build 1000 links in 21 days. IMPOSSIBLE! You cannot do it because you have 12 hours of experience, no skills, no content and no network yet.

Newbie bloggers who believe they can build 1000 links in 21 days with 12 hours of blogging experience are like a new basketball player with 12 hours of hooping experience who believes he can dunk from the foul line, shoot 50% from 3 point range, and become the NBA MVP. Insane, eh? But new bloggers think this madness quite often. If you pay close attention, any eye-popping results I generated recently, I happily titled in the first person. I explained how I built all those links. But I would never say how you can build 1,000 backlinks in 21 days because I’d kinda be lying, in this regard. If you struggle like the dickens to write 1 blog post weekly, how in God’s name could you EVER write and publish 5 guest posts daily? See what I mean? No way you can do it, so it’d be unethical for me to say how any blogger can do it.

Perhaps if I included a note in the title how this was an advanced blogging tip, I would better get the point across and be genuine. But even then, definitely more of a quantum leap, folks. Unless you guest post 5 times daily, and unless you become an absolute SEO master, wow is it gonna be tough to build 1000 backlinks in 21 days because you need to be super skilled to reach this level of blogging expertise. Being super skilled requires years of blogging effort. No way around that one, guys and dolls.

Confusing? Heck yeah. Focus on this core concept of blogging: you get what you give. Give. Get. Someone who drives 1000 backlinks in 21 days – when most bloggers struggle to get 5 or 10 backlinks – have given to epic proportions, over 10,000 plus hours, giving much of his or her life to blogging. I know this idea feels confusing because new bloggers often dive into the game with no idea how much time you need to put into blogging to actually become successful with this gig. Pipe dreams invade all of our newbie minds. I genuinely believed I would be on Oprah in no time, 10 years ago. HA! LOL! Funny!

Blogging taught me some serious lessons. Never spared me the rod, either. Nor should blogging. Blogging gives you what you give blogging. But be hyper vigilant of the 10,000 to 15,000 plus hours it took me to build skills to the point where I could build 1000 plus backlinks to my blog in 21 days. Sounds alien to most bloggers because most bloggers do not blog for 15,000 hours to become that skilled.

Be generous, kind, patient and persistent. You’ll get there.


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