Ingramer Review + Top 17 Instagram Growth Alternatives

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Ingramer Review + Top 17 Instagram Growth Alternatives

Ingramer Review + Top 17 Instagram Growth Alternatives

Instagram is one of the most popular social
media platforms available, and it works for any brand in any niche, as long as
your audience is using the platform. 75% of the users on the platform are
between 18 and 24 years old, which makes it a great option for brands who are
trying to reach that crowd.

When you want to grow your Instagram presence,
doing all the work manually Is time-consuming. When you consider all the other
social media networks you need to be maintaining along with all the other
digital marketing tasks on your plate, it makes sense to invest in Instagram
growth tools to improve your organic following and engagement rates.

There are a wide number of bots and growth platforms available to help you reach your goals. One such tool is known as Ingrammer. We’ll take a closer look at Ingrammer, but also look at 17 alternatives so you can decide which one is best for your budget and your social media strategy.

Top Ingramer Alternatives

  1. ViralRace
  2. YoViral
  3. Fanbump
  4. Instapromote
  5. Instato
  6. FollowerAdder
  7. Stormlikes
  8. Buzzoid
  9. Kenji
  10. Jarvee
  11. Poprey
  12. Media Mister
  13. WorkMacro
  14. Upleap
  15. Skweezer
  16. Instafollowers
  17. Famoid

What is Ingramer?

Ingramer is an Instagram bought that promises real followers and likes by using Pro targeting filters such as hashtag, location, and username targeting with gender and language filters.

To sign up, you enter your e-mail or link your account to a social network and create the new account. From there, you’ll connect your Instagram profiles to the service. You’ll set up a new campaign by adjusting your activities, targeting your audience, setting your daily limits and enabling filters.

Ingrammer bot is powered by AI and provides four different modules which
include all of the popular features. You can get a bigger discount when you subscribe
to more than one module and use a longer subscription period.

Ingramer Features

The modules include a promotion module that handles automatic follow and unfollow and likes. The direct message module allows you to send bulk direct messages to your target audience.

The scheduled posting module allows you to automatically post at the right time for your audience. The comment tracker module is currently in development but will track all of your comment so you don’t miss any of them.

Features include auto-like and auto-follow
with more than 1,250 actions per day. Advanced filters allow you to narrow your
targeting so you get the best results. You have full control over the tool and
its Target settings so you can move at a pace that is right for you and avoid
getting your account shadowbanned. It also includes a feature that gives
discounts or free likes or followers.

It includes extended functionality such as a
blacklist, watching stories and more. You’ll get detailed statistics to help
you see the results of your work.

Ingramer Pros and Cons


  •  Can purchase plans for 2 weeks, 1 month, or
    three months.
  •  Can purchase plans for one or more accounts as
  •  Can purchase modules separately if you do not
    need all of the services.


  •  Pricing is quite expensive and may be out of
    reach for many small businesses and bloggers.
  •  they advertise four modules however, one of
    them is still under development and not available for use.

Is Ingramer Safe?

Ingramer is relatively safe. If you to  To push the limits of the Bots to the maximum
that Instagram allows, you do run the risk of getting your account banned. Play
by the rules however and you should be okay,

Final Thoughts on Ingramer

At $37 per account for two weeks of service,
$57 per account for one month of service, and $144 for three months of service,
Ingramer isn’t the best option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly
solution. As you scale up, however, it does become a bit more affordable with
two-week plans starting at $25 per account, one-month plans starting at $39 per
account and three months plans at $100 per account for packages that include 10
Instagram accounts.

 Bots are always a bit risky when it comes to Instagram, as we have seen many service providers come and go over the years.

However, because you have full control over the boat’s settings, as long as you know what you’re doing and move at a decent pace, you should be okay.  if you are unaware of the proper speeds and try to do too much too fast, you could cause your account to be banned.

17 Alternatives to Ingramer

1. ViralRace

ViralRace Instagram growth tool that lets you
purchase real and engage followers, likes, and Views. After you sign up, the
platform sends your content to real and active Instagrammers who are already
predisposed to liking content that is similar to yours. This ensures you get a
rapid increase in followers and engagement to help you reach your goals faster.

Everything can be delivered immediately or
gradually based on your needs. The increased engagement means that your content
reaches a wider audience and that increases the likelihood of your content
going viral on Instagram.

2. YoViral

YoViral is another great Instagram growth
tool. It too uses real Instagram users that are active on the platform. If you
invest in a monthly plan, your viral automatically detects any new content you
upload and start sending likes within 30 seconds.

There is no daily limit on the amount of
content you can post every day and take advantage of this feature. All it takes
to get started is your username and a couple of clicks.

3. Fanbump

FanBump uses an agency approach to Instagram
growth. They do not make use of bots are fake accounts. Instead, when you sign
up you’ll be given a dedicated amount account manager that addresses your
concerns and learns more about your target audience.

You will set up a call with the company’s CEO
to get started and you’ll have access to detailed reporting so you can see the
results they are bringing you and make any adjustments you require.

4. Instapromote

Instapromote, you can buy followers, likes,
and views. Packages are available at a variety of price points so you can purchase
what you can afford as well as what you need to achieve your social media

All services are delivered quickly with the
use of authentic inactive accounts within your target audience. You also have
the option to purchase customized followers and auto like packages so you can
get engagement on new content right away.

5. Instato

The Instato platform allows for complete
Instagram automation. Instato makes it easy to schedule posts, increase your
follower account, conduct hashtag research and more. You can even use it to
respond to comments. The key to using this service successfully is finding the
right balance with your settings.

An added bonus is that this bot platform
allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single dashboard.
Multiple packages are available to allow you to choose the one that best suits
your budget and your needs.

6. Follower Adder

Follow Adder, you can handle everything you
may want to automate Instagram from scheduling your post, to increasing your
legs, followers, condiments and even hashtag research.

With it, you can follow users that are
following accounts like you are so you can build your targeted audience to
increase your growth and engagement even faster than you would be able to do

7. Stormlikes

Stormlikes is a marketplace that allows you to purchase likes and comments for your Instagram account. The service is designed to increase your engagement to strengthen your online presence.

The company offers a free trial so you can see results before committing to making a purchase. With Stormlikes, you can target a specific audience based on country and gender so you end up with real Instagrammers that are part of your target audience.

8. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is a platform where you can purchase
followers, likes, and views. You do not have to provide sensitive information
or give access to your account. All you have to do is provide your username.

If you are not satisfied with the quality or
the delivery of your order, you can 
request a refund. They offer 24-hour support so you can get everything
you need and Because they offer different packages, you can choose what you
need or what falls in line with your budget.

9. Kenji

Kenji is an Instagram bot that offers a 3-day
trial so you can see the results that offers before you commit to buying.

It is an AI-powered but that increases your
engagement and following with real accounts who are the most likely to be
interested in the type of content you post. This ensures you get a targeted
audience without having to invest all the time it takes to nurture the
relationships with your followers.

10. Jarvee

If you’re looking for software you can
download and install on your computer, jarvey is a windows-based social media
automation software. It works with Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn
Facebook, and Twitter.

You can use it to schedule your post in advance, auto repost, find people to follow, follow people back, unfollow, conduct user research, conduct hashtag research, manage your direct messages and your comments.

If you use a Mac computer, you can still install Jarvee with a virtual Windows machine or a VPN.

11. Poprey

Poprey is a social media marketing company. They provide promotional services for various social media platforms. In addition to Instagram, they will also help you with your YouTube and Facebook accounts.

This is an ideal option for social media managers who are in charge of taking care of multiple accounts. You can handle them all in a single dashboard.

You can also purchase Instagram followers,
likes, other Lakes, views and comments. The company is based in France but
provide services globally.

12. Media Mister

Media Mister is a platform where you can buy
likes, video views, and followers. What’s great about this service is that in
addition to Instagram, it works on YouTube and Twitter. This means you can grow
your social presence across all of these platforms fairly quickly and

They offer a high retention rate, so you can
expect to keep the majority of the followers you end up with for a long time.
One thing worth noting is their delivery can be slower than you’d get with
other platforms, but on the plus side, this does appear more natural.

13. WorkMacro

WorkMacro is an Instagram bot that allows you to target your audience with only real and active users. It is an AI-powered bot that seeks to find only the most active and relevant Instagrammers to connect you with.

It allows you to keep your home feed nice and clean because it mutes any user they engaged with to allow you to engage only with those that matter to you. There are no downloads or complicated settings.

Once you said it, you can forget it. WorkMacro
follows users, likes posts, and unfollows the people who do not engage back
with you within a certain amount of time after you follow them.

14. Upleap

Upleap is an agency platform that matches you
with an account manager who is tasked to boosting your Instagram following and
engagement. They offer a 3-day free trial so you can see the kind of results
you can expect before you commit to purchasing a paid plan.

This approach requires that you hand over your
Instagram account information because the account manager is doing the work on
your behalf. The account manager will connect with you to immediately ask
questions to allow them to Target their approach to your ideal audience which
could be localized if necessary

15. Skweezer

With Skweezer, you can purchase followers, active followers, comments, likes, and Views. Each account is both real and active.

The platform works because each account gets paid a small share of your order payment in exchange for following you. Bots are not used to deliver their services

16. Instafollowers

InstaFollowers makes it easy to buy likes, followers, and comments on Instagram. Beyond Instagram, the service also works with Facebook and Twitter, so you can make the most of your social media presence with this service.

Delivery occurs within 15 minutes of placing your order. Not only is the service priced affordably, but they don’t require access to your Instagram account to provide their service.

17. Famoid

Famoid is known in the industry because it is
reliable and provides quality service. They provide follower services for
Instagram but also offer similar services for Facebook and YouTube.

Delivery happens within 48 hours regardless of
the service you order and the network it is for. For Instagram, you can
purchase followers, likes, views, and automatic likes. You can purchase a
followers package when you need to add followers and the views plan when you
want to increase story views.

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