How to Start Blogging with Zero Experience


I cannot blog.

I have no connections.

I do not have enough time.

Nobody will buy my course, anyway.

Do you know how many times I promoted my blogging course before someone bought it?

8000 times.

This is a fun, freeing, energized course designed to inspire you to live your dreams through blogging.  Imagine if after promoting it 2 times, nobody buying it, I ceased promoting it? That would be greedy on my part. Absolute greediness, and, toss in a hint of selfishness too. Why? I have a special course I created for you but due to me not wanting to face my head trash, I would have stopped promoting it, holding back and hiding an energized, fun, helpful course that’ll help you live your dreams through blogging.

I bet you never thought about it that way, eh?

But I promote that sucker a bit less these days as I get my eBooks – all 100 plus of them – in a billion hands. Or something like that. Do you know how much head trash I needed to face, embrace and release, to keep promoting these reads thousands and thousands of times daily, getting ’em in front of prying eyes, by creating 10 or more pieces of content daily? Lots. Lots of head trash had to come and go, for me to embrace these mental demons, to feel the fears, to release the fears and to live my dreams through blogging.

Guys; you can totally do it. You can succeed mightily through blogging but need to face, embrace and release tons of head trash – aka blogging limiting beliefs – in order to become highly successful in your niche, and to inspire the masses. It is all about facing fear, folks, but facing fear is not a pleasant experience. Welcome to being free. Welcome to living your dreams through blogging. Facing and feeling a few moments of discomfort is well worth living the life of your dreams. A few moments of muck here and there is worth a movie-worthy life, eh?

In order to succeed, you need to face, feel and release limiting beliefs that make you unsuccessful. Take me, today. I have about 8 hours to work even though I have 12 or more hours most day. Busy Saturday. If I clung to I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME!… blog…..I would not be able to post 2-3 pieces of content, in those 8 hours, being burdened by a limiting belief that does not serve me. Instead, I up the bar to creating 10-12 pieces of content in those 8 hours. I swear, I am no blogging super hero. I just developed the skills of facing, feeling and releasing head trash, to better facilitate my success, and to move along these nasty, success-strangling, unhappiness-producing, energies.

Does it feel awesome to face and feel and release blogging head trash? Nope. Every trash-thought feels charged with deep, pulsating, unpleasant fears, quite a nasty experience to feel, but the feelings and bad emotions move along fast and your increased blogging success finds you, pronto. Is that worth it? I think so. But you need dissect and release head trash regularly because all humanoids fall prey to these limiting beliefs during our childhood. Why? Society lives in fear and society impresses us. Forgive society, and forgive yourself, but begin facing blogging head trash, feeling the limiting beliefs, to accelerate your online success.


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