What Is the Most Profitable Blogging Income Stream?


Most bloggers ask this question but miss the point.

Profits flow from within.

Imagine this; a kid who loves basketball plays for 10 hours a day during summer months. Said kid practices for 2-5 hours daily during the season, in addition to playing league games. High school time. He becomes a star. Colleges come a knocking. He signs with Duke. He becomes the #1 pick of the NBA draft and evolves into a super star. He now makes tens of millions of dollars a year. Did basketball prove to be a profitable income stream because basketball *is* the most profitable income stream for athletes? No. 20,000 to 30,000 hours of basketball practice created the income through basketball.

I recount the story of NBA super star Kyrie Irving, in the prior paragraph. During his sophomore year in high school, I heard rumblings of a kid who could be the best guard ever out of New Jersey, high school wise. Bobby Hurley, Jay Williams, Dajuan Wagner and Shaheen Holloway were high school legends in NJ. This boast was saying something. Not only did he become the best high school guard ever out of NJ, he’s had the best NBA career of any player out of NJ, by far. He also makes big bucks, some estimate $50 million per year or more, factoring in endorsements.

Did basketball make him his huge profits? No. Kyrie’s decision to spend 20,000 to 30,000 hours practicing basketball honed his skills to the point where he made huge profits. He made his fortune through basketball but the income stream never makes money; the human does.

Blogging Profits Are Within

No blogging income stream is most profitable because blogging profits are merely decisions to practice, improve skills and allow in money. Google Adsense pays pennies per click mostly. But a highly skilled blogger spending tens of thousands of hours creating and connecting makes hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars through Adsense after years of work.

Meanwhile, a blogger can open a high level opportunity yielding $10,000 per sign up and make 0 dollars over 5 years because he does not practice much, never hones his skills and makes no money.

Blogging profits flow from within your mind and through your physical efforts, so no income stream yields the most blogging profits. No income stream is lucrative. YOU are lucrative.

In my eBook 15 Ways to Make Money Blogging I list 15 income streams for bloggers to explore. Do you know the #1 way to make money blogging, before opening a single income stream? Develop your abundance consciousness. Be generous. Seize opportunities to make pennies a day with minimal effort because pennies become dollars and dollars hundreds and hundreds become thousands of dollars, over time, with little effort.

I work a few income streams yielding $5 to $40 daily but the number increases, over time, and each stream is super easy to work, and requires minimal effort on my part. But I had to think and act abundantly for the streams to open up for me. My profits flow inside-out – like yours – so I never err thinking one income stream yields more profits than others. The profits are in your mind and in your practice and in your skills. You choose how lucrative any one stream is for you, through your prosperity consciousness and generous effort.

Money Follows Generosity

Be generous to net profits.

Do you see me guest posting throughout my niche? Every guest post is generosity. I work for free, and because I work for free and help people, I increase my skills and exposure, helping me prosper.

Money follows generosity.

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