How to Overcome Blogging Imposter Syndrome


Drum roll please……

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My mind!

OH NO. You wanted some *THING*. You wanted a tool-thing to make blogging really easy. Some thing that will do all the stuff for you, put in the effort, make blogging easy, drive blog traffic, make big blogging bucks.

Guess what?

It is no-thing.

My favorite online tool is my mind. You better make your favorite online tool your mind, too.

Mind Tool

Most bloggers want a tool to put into use to make blogging easy. But no such tool exists because it is your mind, how you think, feel and act, and the energy behind actions, that determines your blogging success.

Every single blogger reading this post has 24 hours today to write and submit 5 to 10 guest posts. The tools – WordPress, Word, etc – exist to get this job done, easily. But most of you have so much fear in your mind-tool that even submitting ONE guest post daily feels impossible. You can likely list 5,000 fears in the next few hours, in your mind, that appear to prevent you from writing and submitting 5 guest posts daily.

So no matter how many physical tools you have online, every single tool is 100%, utterly worthless unless you hone and use your mind tool.

The Problem

Most top bloggers have a strong mind-tool without knowing it. Most top bloggers never fine-tune their mind tool deliberately through persistent meditation, yoga and deep prayer. Then, they will say, “Just build an email list, be persistent, and the money will come.” If you fill your mind with fear, those words convey a different language to you, because their minds are filled with abundance, and yours, fear.

This is the problem; most bloggers believe blogging is a tools-doing game – per advice from top bloggers – when blogging is a mindset-energy-being game.

The Solution

Spend 30-60 minutes daily fine-tuning your mind tool. Unearth, face, feel and release fears. Think and act abundantly.

Consider meditation, deep yin yoga, deep breathing, and exercise, or any combo, to hone your mind tool.

Once you get your mind right, blogging becomes easy. Blogging only feels hard because you fight, strain and strive, using tangible tools unsuccessfully, due to your crappy, fear-filled, mind tool.

By honing this most important of tools you feel abundant. Then, you find my blog and see I opened my blog to guest posting. Awesome. You write and submit a 600 word post, I publish, you get more exposure and begin to act abundantly, generously helping people, as all successful bloggers do.

The key was working on your mental tool to more skillfully use tangible tools.

Tangible Online Tools Have a Place

Of course I use WordPress – an online tool – to write this post. In a few moments I will check my online tool known as Gmail. I will also scan my blog comments – bespoke comment system tool – on Blogging From Paradise, knowing the Akismet plugin tool does a fine job flagging spam.

I use plenty of online tools that help me blog effectively but how I trained my mind and leveled out at a calm, serene, generous, abundant energy, played the chief role in how I used these tools.

Mind tool training first, guys.

Never forget or neglect your favorite online tool.

Give yourself 30 to 60 minutes daily to sharpen that tool.

Every aspect of your blogging campaign will improve.

Plus you actually get to enjoy the blogging ride versus straining, striving, pushing and stressing your way to the top.

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