Social Media Marketing for High-End Products

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Social Media Marketing for High-End Products

Social Media Marketing for High-End Products

Selling a high-end product requires a unique marketing strategy somewhat different than for lower-priced items. It is important when using social media marketing that your target the right audience for your high-end product. For instance, if you are marketing watches, a Patek Philippe watch will not interest the same customer as a Timex. To ensure that your marketing is reaching the right audience, here are top tips for your social media marketing campaign.

1. Create a Persona

A persona is a fully-developed description for your best customer or the customer you hope to attract with this campaign. The persona should include a name, physical description, career, hobbies and where they live. A detailed persona will help you laser-focus your social media marketing to attract this customer.

2. Understand the Persona

Put yourself in the shoes of your persona. Does your persona live alone? Are they dating? What do they do in their free time? Why do they want to buy your high-end product? Learn how to think like your persona to better align your marketing with them.

3. Select Marketing Channels

Once you get to know your persona, you can determine which social media channels they prefer. A good rule of thumb is to start small with just two or three channels so you can test your ads.

4. Create a Campaign

Within the parameters of each channel, create a campaign that will attract your persona. Most social media channels allow a variety of ad styles. Select those that would appeal to your persona including interactive surveys or quizzes, images and video, and stories. Your campaign should have a single message for your persona.

5. Test Your Ads

Testing is important for every campaign. Design several ads to target your persona, then test them out on a small scale before you run your campaign. You might be able to guess which ones work the best, buy why would you? You can test the ads on real people to see which ones they respond to the best.

6. Respect the Culture on Each Marketing Channel

Social media channels have their own cultures. While there is some overlap, the culture is part of what attracts your persona. If you don’t respect the culture, why should your audience believe that you’ll respect them?

7. Continue to Tweak Your Ads

Keywords change over time. You will likely need to change your ads throughout the run especially if it is for a long time period. Monitor the responses throughout your campaign to make sure you’re still finding your persona.

8. Expand Your Campaign

Once you are sure that your campaign is meeting your goals, it’s time to expand to more channels. By folllowing these steps, you will reach your target audience.

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