4 Reasons That Can Explain Why Branding for Bloggers Is Powerful


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4 Reasons That Can Explain Why Branding for Bloggers Is Powerful

4 Reasons That Can Explain Why Branding for Bloggers Is Powerful

Want to share your thoughts about a celebrity’s recent backlash? Want to delve into political discussions? Willing to discuss your radical point of view?

If you want to do all these and more, you have the means. You have a blog!

Posting content on your blog is a neat way of letting the world know all of your ideas. Whether these ideas are mundane or extravagant in nature, it doesn’t matter.

Then again, if you’re a beginner in blogging and you haven’t established yourself yet, you might want to put a pin on your posting spree. You need to concentrate on creating a brand first.

Here are some reasons that branding is powerful.

Grabs Your Audience’s Attention

Building an attractive and user-friendly landing page is how an SEO agency gets visitors to your blog. Once they drop by your blog, they will land on a page that gives them every reason to stay.

Another way to go at this? Create a brand!

Creating a brand is a powerful way of grabbing attention. It also paints a picture of a respectable and professional blogger.

With a brand, people are more likely to check you out — and what else you have to offer. But without a brand, not many people will hear you out. For all they know, you’re some shady blogger who’ll just spew fake news.

Remember, getting people’s attention is key. And the tricky part about it is that people’s attention spans are decreasing.

Think of your brand here as a hook that will catch people. Without a hook, they will run loose to wherever – and maybe even to your competitors.

You can talk about all the ideas that you want on your blog. But if nobody is paying any attention to you, you’re basically wasting precious time.

Creates a Memory

Branding is also powerful because it can create lasting memories. If you have a brand, it’s likely that people will have you in mind every time they see something that resembles it.

Take, for example, McDonald’s and its brand logo, the golden arches.

Whenever you come across something that looks like the golden arches, isn’t McDonald’s the first thing on your mind?

That’s how it is, too, if you have a brand. As a blogger, you’ll earn yourself some fans who’ll remember you based on things that they can associate with you. You might not earn immediate recognition like McDonald’s. But you’ll be on your way.

Just build your brand little by little. And soon enough, people will remember you easily.


“Consistency is vital”, is what an SEO agency will tell you. The most consistent brands are the ones that generate the highest revenue. And luckily, having a brand provides you with an opportunity to show off how consistent you are.

Here are some tips:

  • Post high-quality blog content regularly
  • Make a schedule – and follow it
  • Keep your tone steady

Remember, if you’re consistent, you’re somehow telling people that they can count on you. But, of course, consistency will only work in your favor if you approach the matter right. If you’re consistently going with the wrong approach, you’re also giving people the impression that you’re consistently wrong.

If you keep up with doing things wrong, the power of consistency will backfire on you. Rather than herd them in, you’ll end up pushing people away.

Reinforces a Positive Representation

A brand will also help build a good image for you.

If you’ve been associated with a negative image, things look gloomy for you. Especially if your negative reputation is all over the internet, it can be challenging to come out of it.

But know this: it’s doable. And all you need to do is let your brand help you out.

Be firm in reminding yourself to move on. Look beyond your faults and start by posting good stuff from now on.

If people start interpreting your brand differently based on your past reputation, you should intervene. You should get to the bottom of the issue. And teach them to understand you correctly.

Otherwise, their wrong thoughts might end up dragging you down for the second time around. Explain yourself this time – and prove it with the help of your brand!

Final Thoughts

Think of the process of creating a brand as a starting point. And from the reasons mentioned above, you can use its power to elevate your position as a blogger. It’s how you can reach the end part of your blogging career: success!Just remember to make your brand authentic. If you’re genuine (and your audience can feel it), you’re already paving the way towards your desired destination.

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